Why Field Inventory Management Is A Basic Operational Undertaking In Modern Warehouses

Cloud Inventory remains unique in the market. Using this service, you will get valuable service at any time, as it is available on mobile devices. With this technology, you can easily track and monitor your inventory from when it leaves the warehouse, where it is in transit and identify its last destination.

Field Inventory Management is crucial in many industries, but it is becoming more important in the warehouse inventory management niche. Independent field inventory audits are conducted to verify the accuracy of item counts on each floor and in distribution centers. These audits help companies identify shrinkage culprits, track serial numbers for stolen goods, and maintain quality standards across locations. Companies may perform audits once or twice a year to track inventory levels.

However, audits can be done more often if there are high-risk locations, such as at the entrances or exits of buildings or in areas near loading docks. Auditors should be accompanied by at least one team member so that there is a witness for any changes to inventory. Some companies establish hand signals when auditing warehouses so that the auditor does not have to talk and disturb other employees, but most auditors prefer to speak with workers because it gives them a better feel for the inventory storage area.

If an employee cannot answer questions about an item, such as its quantity or where it is located within their department, they need to communicate this to their dispatcher. If an employee does not respond to questions about an item, the auditor can ask a second employee if they have that item or check the inventory system to see where it is located. Some companies use software that can automatically conduct audits, such as counting all Manufacturing Materials in a designated warehouse. Manufacturing Materials solutions aims to enhance efficiency, cut cycle periods, and better customer satisfaction by making on-time and full deliveries.

Auditing using this software can be done in minutes, but it is unlikely that any system will be as precise as hand counts. Auditors need to watch for mistakes and distortions caused by people giving false information or making errors when entering lots of information into their Warehouse Inventory systems. Suppose a company has two warehouses with the same floor numbers. In that case, the auditor needs to count all items on each level separately if different types of inventories are stored on different floors.See this page for related information.


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