Watford FC Owner Gino Pozzo Success Story

Gino Pozzo was born into a passionate football family in Udine, Italy. His father purchased the Udinese football club in 1986. Despite the club’s high debts, Gino’s family decided to purchase Watford Football Club in 2012. By the time this club was being purchased, it was facing tough times trying to climb its way up the Fourth Division. After buying the club, Gino Pozzo relocated to London with his family to enhance the club’s operations. The Pozzo family was keen on emphasizing their commitment to being at Watford and seeing the club become successful and rising from the Fourth Division.

According to Gino Pozzo, in an interview, he noted that the family believes that Watford was part of their biggest project and that the club had the potential to be successful. In addition, Gino Pozzo believes that the English football style is on another level and has an entirely different experience. Having purchased other football clubs in Spain and Italy, the Pozzo family was named the only family in the world to own football clubs in different countries.

In 2015, Watford F.C. and the other family-owned clubs in Italy and Spain were in the league for the top-flight competitions. Under Gino Pozzo’s effective leadership, Udinese maintained participation in the Champions League for 20 years consecutively.

According to Mr. Pozzo, you must have more than a passion for running and acquiring a football club. However, one must understand that football is one of the multi-million-dollar industry that their family is keen on investing. Although many families would have purchased football clubs to suit their emotional reasons, today, these purchases are geared towards profit making. Pozzo’s family is headed in the right direction since the Premier League makes millions of US dollars. Notably, Pozzo’s leadership is centered on recruiting and trading players among their various clubs. See related link for additional information.


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