Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie Named Top ROI Influencer

The Boraie brothers have been named top influencers in New Jersey real estate by a recent ROI Influencer report. The report noted that over the years, they had been a positive force in their community by revitalizing the city of New Brunswick with various projects.

Top Influencers in New Jersey Real Estate

In a recent ROI Influencer report, Wasseem Boraie, director of business development and marketing for Boraie Development LLC, and Sam Boraie, the company’s vice president and director of sales and marketing, were named top influencers in New Jersey real estate. The magazine cited their efforts to build relationships with brokers by providing them opportunities to network at events such as The NJCRE Conference & Expo. The brothers have been on the list before in 2017 and 2018, but now they take their place as the only father-son duo to make it to a Forbes Top 100 list together.

Boraies Are Involved in Several Other Projects

In addition to the bowling alley, the Boraies are engaged in several projects that have made headlines over the years. One such project is Sand Castle Lanes, a bowling alley opened by the Boraies in Atlantic City in 2019 to provide family entertainment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

The ROI Influencers Are Innovators

The ROI Influencers are innovators and disruptors who help lead the industry in new directions, optimizing real estate assets, adding value, and creating new opportunities.

The Boraie brothers have made it a point to offer back to the community and have invested in many projects that have helped revitalize New Brunswick. Their commitment to improving the community has been recognized by many, including NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal who is involved in several of their real estate ventures.