Vijay Eswaran, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Qi Group

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman and multi-millionaire who made his fortune by establishing the QI Group. The multinational conglomerate’s primary focus is on education, travel & leisure, luxury, direct selling, and retail. These are very profitable businesses and make for a great portfolio.

Mr. Eswaran is known for his philanthropic involvement with health care, education, culture, and sports facilities development, as well as children’s welfare through various charity foundations, which aims to improve education worldwide by promoting teaching in the poorest areas and helping children in the world’s most impoverished communities, go to school.

Vijay is a regular speaker at various economic forums and seminars. He has been invited to many countries to speak on investing and has appeared as a keynote speaker at the horasis global meeting and the annual world economic forum meeting on various occasions.

Vijay Eswaran enjoys reading, traveling, and playing golf as a hobby. He is a Rolex collector and owns many different kinds of watches. He also loves playing poker, bridge, and card games to keep his mind active and occupied. His family is an essential part of his life.

Mr. Eswaran is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who continues to be associated with international investments and economic development forums. In the future, Mr. Eswaran aspires to achieve many new milestones through his business interests. He is investing in critical areas that will help develop the community he is involved in.

A crucial part of Vijay Eswaran’s life is how he put himself through the London School of Economics by driving a cab in the UK. This was not easy as it is a delicate process to balance the time it takes to drive a cab and studying full time. This is not just an example of how Vijay Eswaran is a hard worker but also that he has the drive to succeed in life. Being in a foreign country didn’t help, but he made the most of his time by studying hard. He used this experience to his advantage and graduated with a BA in Social Economics. Read more on Medium: