The Best Solar PV and Thermal Solutions: PosiGen Guide

Renewable energy is a major step toward economic and environmental sustainability because it produces more jobs than coal, oil, or natural gas, and is less harmful to the environment. To help bring people into the economic mainstream, PosiGen partners with New Jersey communities to install reliable, affordable, and easily available renewable energy solutions that can reduce utility bills by up to 80%.


Renewable energy sources are a key to a more sustainable future, because they provide more employment opportunities than other energy sources. While the world’s population is increasing, the global supply of renewable energy is not increasing, requiring that renewable energy be developed and used more efficiently and more widely to meet growing energy demands. PosiGen solar power company┬┤s latest residential Renewable Energy Solutions include: solar, wind, and biogas.


Their Custom Energy Retrofit Programs, Renewable Energy Solutions and Solar PV Installations from PosiGen help homeowners lower their energy bills and emissions, improve their quality of life and experience an immediate economic benefit. The Positive Experience: Whether your last energy bill was $100 or $100,000, the solar power company is committed to delivering the highest quality customer service to those who deserve it the most. It has transformed 1,700 homes and businesses into state-of-the-art, energy efficient systems.

These systems at PosiGen use less than 25 percent of the total energy supply. It also saved these homeowners more than $400 million in energy costs. Renewable energy and energy efficiency retrofits can save homeowners money over time by reducing the consumption of fuel for heating, cooling, and lighting. In 2012, homeowners in Baltimore saw their utility bills reduced by an average of 17% due to renewable energy investments by PosiGen customers. Energy efficiency retrofits also benefit the environment by, which they launched in November 2013, offers customers an exciting renewable energy option.