The Amazing Work  of Mahmoud Khattab

The Chief Executive Officer of Precision M.D, Mahmoud Khattab, is a graduate of the University of Damascus and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Mahmoud joined the medical sector to do something that would make people feel happy. The Precision M.D located at Elk Grove, California, in the United States of America, was built from scratch. The cosmetic surgery center was established to make people feel better about their looks. It provides surgical and non-surgical treatments like laser hair removal, contouring, and many others.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Mahmoud Khattab manages the cosmetic surgery center during the day as it needs a lot of effort and time to be addressed. For Mahmoud, the patients and employees are critical. He ensures the patients get the best care and good service. The employees are also provided with excellent working conditions and anything they need to succeed, not forgetting his well-being. Focusing more on employees and patients is what has made Precision M.D as successful and prominent as it is right now and is also what makes a good CEO. Khattab goes to the gym three or four times to keep his stress level down and take care of his health.

Persistence is one attribute that has made Mahmoud Khattab successful in life. His willingness to put time and effort into building his dream business paid off. Despite the success of Precision M.D, Mahmoud always makes sure that he stays informed on what are industry trends in marketing so s to stay ahead of the curves. Aside from being a prominent entrepreneur, Mahmoud Khattab is also a philanthropist. He finds joy and pride in giving back to society. His outstanding work as a philanthropist has opened many doors for him on charity boards. He was named the chairman of the Syrian American Council after his involvement in helping Syrian immigrants. Find out more on Healthgrades