Stephen Bird: A Successful Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Standard Life Aberdeen plc recently announced Stephen Bird as part of the company’s managerial team. This announcement was made on 30th June 2020. The approval of Stephen was done after serious scrutiny of his character and how he undertakes his duties. The announcement was made after the resignation of Keith Skeoch. Stephen took the new role of the Executive Director and Chief Executive tasked with overseeing significant operations of the firm. Stephen was mandated to be in charge of the company on 1st September 2020.

Since taking over the company as its CEO, Stephen has recorded exceptional performance. He has a positive track record in handling customers, leading the company to greater ranks, and helping the company compete favorably in the marketplace. Stephen’s technology and business transformation expertise helped Standard Life Aberdeen navigate effectively, regardless of challenging times.

Stephen worked in several firms that equipped him with the vast skills and expertise needed to manage businesses and take them to the next level of success. In 2015, he got appointed by Global Consumer Banking to oversee all operations as its CEO. He held the executive role within Global Consumer Banking for five years. Stephen was in charge of Citigroup and its subsidiaries in Asia, China, and India. He served at Citigroup for over 20 years in the technology, operations, and banking sectors. Stephen Bird is delighted to be part and parcel of Standard Life Aberdeen. He acknowledges the firm as one with an exciting future and looks forward to working with everyone in taking the firm to greater levels. More information: