RAINN is a Nationwide Organization

RAINN is a national organization that works with local rape crisis centers in communities nationwide. They provide services such as a 24-hour hotline, case management and counseling, legal advocacy and referral services, training and education, public policy initiatives, and programs for teens.

RAINN provides advocates for communities, talks to legislators on their behalf, writes letters to newspapers, posts comments on news articles, sends out direct mail, and has produced a national media campaign.

RAINN’s goal is to raise awareness about sexual violence to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. RAINN has a “Take Back the Night” campaign in which they promote public service announcements, encourage people who are raped or assaulted to talk about what happened, and independently take control of their recovery.

RAINN reaches out to law enforcement agencies, medical personnel, attorneys, rape crisis centers, and other groups that deal with victims of sexual violence. RAINN seeks to educate these communities about the standards of evidence and trauma so that they can implement them in how they work with victims. RAINN provides free training on sexual violence issues to professionals through 22 state programs around the country. They also provide technical assistance to 8 communities that have requested help implementing a program.

RAINN focuses on the root of the problem, not the symptom. “In a society where sexual violence is taboo, we spend so much time focusing on symptoms rather than getting to the core of the problem.” RAINN has developed an educational program focusing on what causes sexual violence and how to prevent it.

RAINN has always been working actively to transform communities into safe places for everyone who experience sexual violence. RAINN has been involved in anti-rape legislation in Vermont and Kansas and is currently doing more than 40 workshops in communities nationwide (with over 100 communities requesting help). Read more information about RAINN