Philip Belamant Uses FinTech To Bring Services To All Communities.

FinTech is the use of technology for financial services. It can be used to improve existing banking and financial services by providing more efficient, innovative and convenient ways to do things that were already possible with existing technology. It provides the best features that people want in a bank or another service, like saving money on banking fees. FinTech can include direct deposit payments, automatic bill pay, mobile payments or insurance paying with your smartphone.

Philip Belamant has taken advantage of this by starting a company called FinGenie that provides free financial education courses online and on mobile devices to people of all backgrounds, including those with low-income who may not have access to traditional banking institutions through their local areas, such as rural communities. His reasoning behind this is that he understands the financial problems that arise in these communities and believes there are ways to solve these issues. Philip Belamant wanted to take advantage of FinTech by providing a service to those in need.

Philip Belamant is known for inventing the first wireless smart card reader. He started his career as a programmer for Motorola. Later, he became the Vice President of Products for payments at Novatel Wireless, which is considered the largest developer of wireless communications products. Before that, Philip was the Director of Engineering in France for Schlumberger, one of the world’s largest oil field services companies.

Belamant’s passion for innovation, technology, and finance started when his father brought him to a stock market before he had any money. As Philip got older, he kept in touch with his dad, who was now a financial advisor. Philip saw this as an opportunity to learn more about finance and investments. As Philip continued his education, he went on several research trips to France, where he learned about different types of investments available for foreigners in France. Philip also learned about the French real estate market and discovered that real estate could be a way to save money on housing and pay off student loans from college by investing in investments rather than living at home.

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