NJ Ayuk: outstanding attorney

NJ Ayuk is one of the business partners in Centurion Law Group, a prominent law firm specializing in extractive industries, energy & power, and infrastructure. Apart from being an outstanding attorney, he’s also the proprietor of NJ and Sons Group, one of the most successful conglomerates in Africa with interests in Security, Oil and Gas Exploration and Distribution, Food Processing and Distribution, Manufacturing and Construction.

Educational and Professional background

NJ Ayuk graduated from the University of Maryland and then attended the New York Institute of Technology, where he completed his MBA. After he graduated from NYIT, he founded Centurion Law Group, one of the most successful law conglomerates in Africa. Today, NJ Ayuk serves as the CEO and Managing Partner at Centurion Law Group.

What Drew NJ Ayuk to Do A Career in Energy Law

He was inspired by Dr. Ron Walters, who made him believe in the justice system, and the system he eventually set up NJ and Sons Group. He says Walters was the one who made him have a passion for law and administrative law. He remembers that Walters gave him a copy of Charles Hamilton Houston’s Principles Of Law, which was very influential and instructive. He laid this foundation that a lawyer is either a parasite on society or a social engineer who can provide justice to society. He was the one who showed him the importance of having passion and love for human rights, civil rights, and other related areas of law.

Series of Events That Led Him to Establish the Centurion Law Group

Grew up with parents who reminded him of his background. He Studied hard and got good enough grades, but he never considered himself the best in class. He was very competitive with some of his fellows. His experience and deep belief wanted to see a better Africa than there. This is why he started his law firm, which has made him one of the most successful African entrepreneurs of the present generation. Earning a Juris Doctor has shaped me into who I am today; it taught me how to be a good lawyer and allowed me to stand on my own. They taught me how to compete in business and gave me the tools and ideas that allow me to compete with the best in class. His main reason for starting a centurion was to change the life of someone from his community. He did that and created more employment chances for other people from his village.

How He anticipates Energy Market Changing In Africa

Demand for gas in Africa is overgrowing, and the African continent has a huge potential in this sector. Africa can be the leading exporter of energy in coming years. He is certain coal-fired power plants would be replaced by gas-fired power plants, as that was characteristic of global development. He says gas is the cleanest, most efficient, and cheapest alternative to produce power, fuel our economy, feed our industry, and develop new industries. He says coal will be replaced by gas as it has a higher calorific value. He believes this might be the last generation to see one single currency worldwide. He was part of one of Africa’s fastest-growing law firms on the stock exchange. He is a hero who changed his community by putting them to work and giving them new opportunities, so they could enjoy their life, while he believes that this is all they want.