Mo Katibeh Joins RingCentral

RingCentral has an incredible reputation in the international market. The facility has won many hearts by offering contact center solutions, video meetings, cloud communication, and collaborations. The experienced leaders in the organization have worked very hard to maintain the business’s success in the challenging market. The customers in the facility will continue to enjoy improved services after RingCentral brings a new professional into its leadership.

RingCentral chief executive officer has introduced Mo Katibeh to the facility. According to the reports from the international company, Katibeh will take the role of chief operating officer. Mo Katibeh’s name is common in the corporate section. The business leader was the former chief marketing officer and product officer for AT&T Business. After getting the position of chief operating officer, Mo Katibeh will start reporting to the founder of RingCentral, Vlad Shmunis. Vlad is the founder, chief executive officer, and chairperson of the respected organization Mo has just joined. Mo looks forward to working with his new boss and delivering the best results for the successful organization.

Mo Katibeh began his career over twenty years ago. Over these two decades, the corporate leader has landed numerous executive positions in leading companies. In most of the positions acquired by the corporate leaders, he was in charge of marketing and products. Companies in search of digital marketing strategies have benefited from the excellent services offered by Katibeh. Two years ago, Mo Katibeh was trending on various platforms after being recognized as the global market’s most influential chief marketing officer.

Mo has worked hard for this position in the international market. The leader has always been willing to understand the changing consumer behaviors, which helps him better assist his employers. RingCentral chief executive officer has expressed his confidence concerning Mo. Vlad believes his organization will grow significantly in the coming months because of the incredible leader.