Miki Agrawal Discusses Her Recent Accomplishments in Business

As seen early this December on CNN, HuffPost Live, and Entrepreneur.com, Miki Agrawal spoke about her recent accomplishments as a female entrepreneur who is not only fearless but also a “thought-leader in the space of disruptive innovation” (HuffPost Live).

Additionally, she discussed her latest project with Level Playing Field Institute and how it will be able to help create new opportunities for those that have been impacted by the criminal justice system. The project, SHIFT: Dismantling the Barriers to Women and Girls in Tech, is described as “one of the country’s first job training and placement services for formerly incarcerated women. In addition to serving as a platform for networking opportunities and resume building, the program will provide participants with mentorship from top-tier entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors” (Entrepreneur).

Early in her career as a dental hygienist, Miki Agrawal started a company called Tushy in 2010. The company sells disposable underwear that can be worn while using a bidet. This unique product was created because Miki experienced her first bidet experience herself while traveling through Europe.

After Miki Agrawal first success with Tushy, Agrawal decided to create a new startup, called Blue Apron. The company is described as an “Uber for [cooking] food” (Unfavorable Opinions). Like Uber, Blue Apron allows customers to pay for the ingredients and then the chef will prepare and deliver the meal at the customer’s location.

Miki Agrawal recently launched a new company, called Level Playing Field Institute (LPFI), which creates opportunities for women and girls by training, funding, and supporting entrepreneurs who are trying to disrupt markets using their talent in areas such as science, technology engineering math (STEM) and design. The company has also been an opportunity for Agrawal to apply her skills and knowledge as an entrepreneur who is “not just about the money, but about changing the world for women” (Entrepreneur).

Agrawal’s latest project, SHIFT, is described as a “program that will provide women and girls with opportunities that have traditionally only been available to men. From prison to the boardroom and from in front of the computer screen to leading a tech startup; SHIFT helps women get there faster by creating pathways to success through technology. The program helps women acquire marketable skills, gain access to mentorship, create meaningful relationships and build their confidence” (SHIFT).