Luis Horta e Costa explains why everyone wants property in Portugal Article Text:

Portugal is home to beautiful villages, cobbled streets, and exciting ocean views. In recent years, people have discovered the amazing features Portugal has to offer. Visitors frequent the nation because of its charms.

A visit to Portugal gives guests the best experiences. Guests enjoy hiking, first-rate cuisine, sunny days, surfing, and seaside towns whenever they visit Portugal. After visiting the country several times, most people end up buying homes in the country. Most people love to purchase properties in cities close to the ocean. Luis Horta e Costa is among the biggest names in Portugal’s real estate. Luis has been investing in the real estate industry for a long time, and he understands the industry better than anyone else. Luis Horta e Costa created an amazing real estate company called Square View several years ago. This company has grown significantly in recent years. Luis Horta e Costa has benefited from Portugal’s growth in real estate.

According to Luis, many people want to purchase properties in his country because of the low cost of living. The country has incredible people and weather. Many clients have opted to settle in Portugal because of the safety. The real estate companies in this region offer the best services, encouraging foreigners to invest more. Square View focuses on building and refurbishing properties in Portugal.

Most of the projects handled by the real estate company are on beaches and cities. When the coronavirus pandemic began a few years ago, Christian Louboutin, a respected footwear designer from France, decided to visit Portugal for a vacation. Christian brought his family to the seaside holiday. The experience Christian had made him get home to Portugal. The footwear designer also built one of the best hotels in the country.

Christian invested in Portugal when he discovered the country’s nature and other features. Philippe Starck, a French designer, purchased his second house in Portugal too.