Launch House in the Digital Era

Launch House is a community where people and businesses can interact and develop. It is a location where people can interact and learn from one another while growing their businesses, not just somewhere to go to work. Where business owners, independent contractors, sole proprietors, startups, designers, consultants, and anyone else who doesn’t neatly fit into a corporate box belongs. Mainly, the program started bringing isolated investors together during the pandemic to avoid isolation.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Brett Goldstein, Michael Houck, and Jacob Peters founded the Launch house initiative in August 2020. The initiative began as a residency program for leaders to cohabit and help each other. However, with the rise in technology and the continuance of the pandemic, the initiative grew into a global community that enabled its members to live better regardless of their housing.

With the idea of bringing founders and investors together, Launch House paved the way for Gather. This virtual home was built to increase the programming accessibility to international members. The founders carefully designed the space to accommodate classes, hallways, and open spaces that could accommodate impromptu gatherings. The program also allowed the members of the community to enroll themselves in the virtual programs being offered.

The move brought many people from the same fields and different fields together, enabling them to learn from each other. In addition to providing virtual programs, the company offers higher education courses and fundraising activities for the Launch House member. Over the years, the program has been upheld, and many have embraced it as a way to learn, save, and interact.

The Launch House founders aim to extend their gratitude and be able to serve both those with their membership and those without the membership. It also focuses on finding talent and fulfillment, which will help with its global growth.