Krishen Iyer and MAIS Consulting

Krishen Iyer is a leading entrepreneur registering high returns in business. Since childhood, he has developed an interest in business development. His main goal is to help startup companies to become successful industries worldwide. Krishen Iyer is a graduate of San Diego University with a degree in Public Administration. After graduating, he decided to establish the MNP, an insurance firm that focuses on restructuring better premiums for clients. Under his leadership, it registered significant returns. 


In 2015, MNP ranked top in the Inc 5000 list. Krishen Iyer decided to explore other business sectors. The entrepreneur derives passion in helping other companies grow in business. This led to his interest in founding the MAIS Consulting company. For more than 20 years, Krishen Iyer states, it focuses on availing marketing services to startups across the globe. Companies can access more business essentials such as rebranding, Contracting, company policies, and strategic growth. The team leader asserts that business mentoring is key. 


That’s why they spent their time helping clients achieve their goals. Nashvox company counts among the many firms benefiting from Krishen Iyer’s consulting services. As an advisor, he leads the company through strategic development. Through his leadership, Nashvox studio records has gained significant annual returns. The team leader and Nashvox existing members, steer the company through future business planning. Krishen Iyer also participates in philanthropic activities. He supports the Mark A Wish charity organization. Besides, he supported Haiti during the earthquake. He spends most of his time watching soccer and playing chess.