Jonas Lauren Norr is an Expert on Nordic Trends and Fashion

Jonas Lauren Norr, who also goes by Lauren, is a Scandinavian business and lifestyle blogger. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, Lauren Lauren Norr specializes in sharing her insider knowledge of health and beauty trends across three continents.

In the past two years, she’s grown her blog into a global phenomenon with official translations in Swedish, Danish, Persian, and Indonesian (among others). Her goal is to share the latest shopping tips for North American audiences and provide an international perspective on everything from celebrity gossip to health tips.

Her blog also strongly focuses on fashion that caters to an eco-friendly lifestyle. In recent months she has been heavily involved with the Nordic market movement KRAZY4SCIENCE.

Lauren is an expert on Nordic trends and fashion. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Stockholm University and finds her niche in sharing her insider knowledge with her international readership.

Lauren grew up in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, where life was slow and comfortable. Her parents were teachers, and she learned to take a genuine interest in how people lived worldwide at a young age. This interest led her to start a few blogs about beauty, travel, culture, and fashion.

While at university, she got involved with KRAZY4SCIENCE and became a spokesperson for the movement. She was invited to the global congress in Stockholm. She was also featured in the film “KRAZY4SCIENCE: Destination Save The World”, a documentary on KRAZY4SCIENCE’s efforts to save the world’s largest virgin rainforest.

Lauren wants to inspire readers worldwide by sharing her passion and knowledge of fashion trends. She aims to create an international cultural exchange, marrying Scandinavian tradition with North American style-consciousness.

In February 2013, she moved from Stockholm, Sweden, to Toronto, Canada. Currently, she is studying for a master’s degree at Ryerson University in Toronto for career counseling.