Jason Hope: Investor in Hummingbird Robotics

Jason Hope believes that every person alive can become successful if they work hard enough at achieving their goal and keep moving forward. Many people who have read this article are now thinking of pursuing an education to achieve success in the coming years. Hope’s advice is still typically relevant today, even though it was first written more than three decades ago. The message Hope sends is that one should not be afraid of failure.


Rather, those who pursue education will succeed if they stay positive and focused on what they wish to achieve with their lives in the future. The philanthropist and angel investor believes that everyone has a good side and everyone also has a bad side. However, Jason Hope recalls, those who are successful share one thing in common: they only display the good side of themselves to the people around them. Hope encourages others to do the same.


Jason Hope at Hummingbird Robotics

Hope believes that entrepreneurs must have an impact on the businesses they run and must have control over their business if they want to achieve success. As stated above, Jason Hope wants all his fans, followers, and business owners to stay positive in life. Those who appear like they have it all together will be even more successful than those who are not as happy with themselves or their lives because people around them will want that positive attitude for themselves as well.


Hope believes that anyone who can have a positive attitude towards their lives, no matter what they have of it, will succeed in life and achieve success throughout the rest of their lives. Also, to achieve success in making a business grow. Jason Hope’s advice for achieving success is to never be afraid of failure or the possibility that you may fail in what you are doing. Hope believes that those who do not fear failure will always be able to bounce back from adversity and learn from their mistakes. 


Those who are afraid to fail also tend not to take risks unless it is a necessary risk for them to succeed in life as well as business, like he did when he “took a big risk” on his Instagram account back when he was still in college. Jason Hope’s book “How to Launch A Business in 5 Days” is a short and easy-to-understand book on how to get a business started. 

It was published by Entrepreneur Press, Inc. He is an investor in Hummingbird Robotics, which has created Hector, the first robotic lawnmower. Jason Hope explains that Hector has sold around two thousand units as of June 2017. In September 2017, he invested in GreenPal Robotics, which designs robotic lawn mowers and leaf blowers that autonomously mow lawns and clean yards.