IM Academy: Digital Forex Education Online

Did you know that over $1.2 trillion is traded in the Forex market daily?

And did you know that more than 5 billion people worldwide have a smartphone with internet access?

Then, you probably also guessed that digital Forex education is booming.

IM Academy is one of the most popular providers of online Forex education to this increasingly large market.

IM boasts over 225,000 active subscribers in more than 200 countries.

The company was founded in 2013 by Forex traders and investors Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Their vision for IM Academy was to provide an easily accessible online Forex education platform for busy people. In this place, they can find what they need to get started in the Forex market.

Today IM Academy offers a wide variety of educational material that adapts to market conditions. This includes Forex trading courses, such as “The Complete Guide to Forex Trading.” Certified courses include the “IML Graduate” course for those without knowledge of Forex and a “Forex for Beginners” course. And these are just the basics: there is also a full suite of training programs for students, traders, and financial advisers.

Forex training programs and courses

The Forex education curriculum consists of a large, constantly growing library of free lessons and courses for students, traders, and advisers.

This includes the “Introduction to the Beginner Trader” course, step-by-step interactive quizzes, and forecasts that guide users through the Forex market.

IM Academy’s digital Forex training programs are available 24/7 exclusively through its website.

This allows students to learn Forex at their own pace and in their own time.

Follow-up support is available through IM Academy’s chat rooms and forums, as with any other digital learning platform.

Beyond the online educational material, students are supported by an experienced staff of financial experts, including a team of certified multilingual financial advisors. IM Academy collaborates closely with numerous universities and institutions to teach students around the world about Forex trading. Refer to this article for more information.


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