IM Academy

IM Academy offers a complete suite of digital educational products and tools designed to help you learn about Forex trading. Whether you’re interested in learning about the basics of currency trading or starting, the IM curriculum provides a wealth of knowledge covering topics such as technical analysis and charting, fundamental analysis, FX market dynamics, risk management, and much more. IM’s goal is to provide learners with the best training possible to prepare them for a career in Forex trading.

IM Academy was founded in 2013 as a small start-up by two aspiring traders: Chris Terry and Isis De La Torres. They had a clear vision – to create an easy-to-access online platform for forex education using the subscription model. After nine successful years, IM has grown into a massive organization that serves thousands of people around the globe every day, offering effective and affordable education for anyone interested in Forex Trading. To date, the IM team has trained more than 225,000 people from around the world. IM’s mission is to deliver high-quality education through innovative technologies to those seeking to build a better financial future for themselves. IM is working on new ways to make learning easier and more engaging for everyone.

We pride ourselves at IM Academy as being one of the best companies to work for because we save our employees valuable time and resources. We offer flexible hours and telecommuting options, allowing people to come to work whenever they feel comfortable and stay home if they so desire. Even during these uncertain times, we have not stopped our commitment to educating students.

IM Academy ensures that it is not a registered or licensed broker in any country or market. Because IM does not provide any regulated financial products or services, it does not require a license to operate its business of providing online education products and services. Visit this channel on YouTube, for more information.

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