Hughes Marino Leasing Administration Services

Hughes Marino is a company that deals with commercial leasing, tenant and buyer representation, and property management and development. The company has existed since 2011 and has been a leading force in the commercial and residential marketplace. They have serviced New York, Miami, Chicago, and Philadelphia clients. Currently, it is the top company on a global scale in smaller markets, and they’re continuing to build up its business in its home market.


The significant services the company offers:


Project management:

Hughes Marino can virtually manage a whole property from start to finish. This benefits clients as they can rent and sell their property. They can also be involved with various activities such as maintenance, security, tenant relations, and office management.



The representation company is well known for its leasing services. With a great name, years of experience, and the best leasing agents and management, the Hughes Marino company has secured some of the most competitive leases on the market. Clients have significantly benefited from their skills and knowledge in the market.


Buyer representation:

For buyers, Hughes Marino is the best choice for representation. They can ensure the whole process of buying a property is easy and provide you with all your negotiation needs. If a property is listed on the market, they can also be sure that you are notified immediately and have the first right of refusal.


Property management:

Hughes Marino is your best bet if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your property needs. From leasing to managing, they have provided all comprehensive and affordable services under one roof. They have been able to excel in this market and have become one of the most trusted names in property management over the years.