Haroldo Jacobovicz: Brazilian entrepreneur and civil engineer

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Brazilian entrepreneur and civil engineer, is a believer in the transformational potential of information technology. For the past decade, he has worked with information solutions and launched Horizons Telecom in 2010. Using a 100 percent fiber network, cutting-edge technology, and many points of redundancy, Horizon Telecom has grown to be one of Brazil’s most reputable telecommunications providers today. The Horizons Datacenter is scheduled to open in 2020 with the goal of providing businesses and organizations with improved connection and cloud capabilities.

A straight road was not Jacobovicz’s route to success, he claims. Additionally, Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of Horizons Telecom, Horizons Datacenter and e-Governe Group. Information technology difficulties were solved, and strategic resources were brought together by each of these companies. Although he works in a data-driven sector, Jacobovicz considers himself a naturally perceptive individual and attributes this to his success as an innovator.

In my opinion, there are things that pique my interest without providing any rational justification. He told an interviewer at Inspirery, “I just see promise.” To help me learn more, provide ideas, and get involved, I search for people who are in the company. In 2013, his instincts prompted him to make an unconventional investment in Brazil’s first Hard Rock Café. Before selling the company in 2018, Jacobovicz took on a more hands-on role and sought to create a team and establish the firm.

Even though the majority of his projects involve supplying businesses with IT solutions, Jacobovicz delights in coming up with creative answers to a wide range of problems. He stated that the most fulfilling part of his job is when he sees how his company solutions have a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

How Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Early Life Shaped him for Success

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born in Brazil Curitiba, the son of civil engineers Haroldo Jacobovicz Sr. and Eduardo Jacobovicz. Watching them build long-lasting constructions as a child inspired him, he said. As the state’s sole female civil engineer at the time, Sarita was a trailblazer in her own right. As she raised Jacobovicz and his brothers, she did this.

Jacobovicz pursued a degree in civil engineering at the Federal University of Paraná, following in the footsteps of his parents. Jacobovicz rapidly realized that he had the ability to produce something of permanent significance beyond the structures he had previously built. Because of his parents, he now uses their entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving abilities, and strong work ethic in all of his own businesses. He developed an interest in information technology and its significance in the future as an avid reader and researcher. In the early 1980s, while still a college student, he and three classmates started their first business, Microsystem Curitiba.

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