Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the billionaire owner of the English football club Stoke City Football Club and the Italian football club Udinese Calcio. The businessman purchased a majority stake in a Spanish football club, Valencia CF.

Mr. Pozzo is considered one of the best sports businesspeople in an industry where managing a team is difficult. As author Rui Costa wrote in his book, “Where are the Busy-Bodies? A Sociology of Sport”, “For so many years we have heard that football clubs are clubs. Now we see that they are businesses and that business acumen is required to run them”.

Gino Pozzo has always been a man with ambition. From his professional career at the University of Turin, he realized that he had to become involved in managing a company or organization.

He then started the Compagnia Sportiva Udinese, which in 1989 signed a three-year commercial contract with the Italian manufacturer Pirelli. The company produced football boots and took care of its marketing at the beginning. In 1990, Udinese won its first trophy (the Coppa Italia). The following year, Gino Pozzo installed himself as president and created an entity that seemed to be his invention: “A Company for Foreign Investment in Sport.” With this objective, he managed to create a structure that he could use to pursue his project.

All his life, Gino Pozzo has had a love for sports, above all football. In his youth, he played basketball purely because it was the only sport available in his school. His passion for football had a more personal scope: during the 1960s, he supported Juventus F.C. In 1969, he followed Juventus to Turin, and from there, he was inspired by the club’s manager at that time: Giovanni Trapattoni.

In 1978, Mr. Pozzo founded Villa San Michele. An industrial property in Casalpusterlengo (Turin), where they produced football boots and organized recreational activities for children and youths. The Villa San Michele grew many children and youth, especially in the Turin area.

A year later, Mr. Pozzo founded Società Sportiva Udinese Calcio, but he only entered the company personally and was never officially appointed by municipal authorities. In 1978, he signed a contract with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), which allowed him to create an entity for foreign investment in sports. The first acquisition made was Pirelli’s sponsorship contract with Udinese. Go to this page for more information.


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