Diogo Corona – Fitness

If one mentions TotalPass, then it would be no surprise that the name Diogo Corona might follow. Diogo Corona is CEO of TotalPass which develops and creates platforms for fitness plans online. It has been headquartered in Brazil since being founded in February 2017. Diogo Corona is a big part of the fitness world, not only is he busy with this company but since 2010 he has been a part of SmartFit Brazil. He led the Brazil expansion of SmartFit and is currently part of the executive as COO. SmartFit is all about fitness clubs having opened their very first one in 1996 in Sao Paulo known as Bit Ritmo. To be a standout and more innovative, the company started a new unit in 1997 and added a twist with a more advanced architecture and feature lighting design to make the environment very special and sophisticated for an unbelievable experience. For inspiration, benchmarks were sought out in the United Kingdom and the United States to see what established tried and true brands were up to so that a path of growth could begin and continue for the company. This proved to be helpful as a decision was made to move the focus from dozens of complex structures and modalities to more cardio, group classes and equipment for weight training. The company continued to seek out best practices and even began using a new management model to ensure improvement of service in 2003. By 2008 it was Brazil’s largest high end fitness club chain and the company was invited to the US for Roundtable discussion meetings to hammer out best industry practices and strategies. At this discussion, information was gained to use a model for low cost gyms. And, so it seems that SmartFit was actually born as a carbon print for low cost gyms similar to Planet Fitness.

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