Desiree Perez’s Hard Work Paved the Way for Her to Join Roc Nation

The event of yearly Billboard women participating in Music event, a star-studded ceremonial event, recognizes the outstanding accomplishments made by many skilled and talented individuals in the sector. The recognition is frequently offered to the music sector stars, from executives to artists and other exceptional women voices making vital contributions to the industry. The event at the end of 2019 was particularly noteworthy due to two special announcements concerning Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s Chief Operations Officer. During the Billboard event in 2019, Desiree was named the year’s executive. This made Roc Nation make her the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally, the Gala occasion immediately augmented the executive’s music visibility and prominence besides increasing her responsibilities in the company. As the CEO, she is responsible for developing all Roc Nation’s distinct facets, including music. These organizations also carry out television projects, talent management, overall branding, philanthropy, touring, and publishing. Moreover, it partners with several charitable foundations and organizations, including the Team Roc, RC24 Foundation, Shawn Carter, REFORM, and Cara Lionel.

Desiree Perez succeeded the former CEO, Jay Brown, who, after the announcement, was made Roc Nation’s vice-chairman. Shawn Carter founded this organization in 2008. And through the organization, several successful companies were brought together. It incorporates everything, including music production and selling consumer goods such as cognac and cologne.

Moreover, through Desiree Perez, Roc Nation company has had significant growth and currently has several offices in Nashville, London, Los Angeles, and New York. Additionally, it employs over 400 workers and manages numerous subsidiaries. Its CEO has had humble beginnings. She has shown what it means to work hard and the fruits of toiling hard. consequently, Her career began in the music sector, where she acted as an assistant in a nightclub. Lastly, Her personality and abilities made Shawn Carter, who Jay-Z is his performing name, ask her to join Roc Nation. Desiree Perez’s: Facebook Page.