Bhanu Choudhrie Takes Flight With Alpha Aviation Group

Bhanu Choudhrie has become an innovator in the commercial airline industry with the company that he founded known as Alpha Aviation Group. They have become industry leaders in training new airline pilots with their unique approach. They have adopted a digital first method of preparing pilots for new jobs. This involves a greater reliance on flight simulators than has been practiced before by the industry.

The vision that Bhanu Choudhrie had for his business was related to reducing the costs for training pilots. Many budget airlines struggled to train qualified pilots and Alpha Aviation Group has stepped into the void. Pilots who graduate from this program spend much more time on actual flight simulators than conventional training programs. This reduces costs as well the hours needed for actual flight time training.

The flight simulators used mimic the actual jets that trained pilots will be flying which enables them to get started much earlier within the training cycle. Traditional programs start their trainees on smaller aircraft instead of what they’ll actually be flying. This leads to a longer and more costly training program that smaller carriers struggle to implement.

The substantial savings in time that Bhanu Choudhrie has brought forth with his market-leading company is game-changing for many budget airlines. Instead of a five year training cycle for pilots, it can be reduced to two years with the increased use of flight simulators. The cost savings are considerable as well making the program even more valuable.

Another notable fact about Bhanu Choudhrie and Alpha Aviation Group is the modernization of pilot training programs that they have initiated. The traditional training methods that have predominated until recently were developed shortly after World War Two. This bold step into the future will make quality training available to more market participants and level the playing field. Refer to this page for additional information.