Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is a French ceramist and potter. He studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He also holds a certificate in ceramics from Maison de la Ceramique in Rouen. On 30 December 1974, Yves Mirabaud founded his ceramic gallery “Le Pot au Feu,” which still exists today. His work has been shown in Paris, Chicago, and Milan, among other cities worldwide: Since 1975, Yves Mirabavd has provided clay workshops for potters worldwide.

Achievements of Yves Mirabaud

In his own words, Mirabaud “[…] has been presenting his work at exhibitions in many countries. He has continued to work on the “Pot au Feu” ceramic gallery and provide workshops. He developed a form of clay sculpture known as “Gravures on Clay” and created these in a special studio he opened in Paris, France. The ceramic gallery he opened in Paris, France, has also continued to provide workshops and exhibitions for young members of the general public.”

“…The artist’s most notable achievement was the design and creation of the well-known “Pot au Feu” ceramic gallery. The gallery opened on 30 December 1974 with a show featuring the work of Yves Mirabaud and his collaborator. The venue is still open today and continues to present exhibitions…”

“…The Pot au Feu gallery was a source of inspiration and a new model for ceramic galleries. The gallery “caters” to both professionals and amateurs from all over the world. It presents workshops, teaches techniques, and cultivates an atmosphere of creativity.

In continuing to provide workshops, the Pot au Feu gallery is also an important place where people can develop their craft. The Pot au Feu gallery also hosts several exhibitions each year.” […]

He has taught many international ceramic artists, such as Peter Greenwell and John Cefalu. He has also pursued his own ceramics practices and worked with several collaborators throughout his career. Read more here. https://www.geneve-finance.ch/fgpf/ch/fr-ch/file.cfm?contentid=962


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