Why QNET company is not SCAM

QNET is a direct-selling multilevel marketing company whose headquarters are based in Hong Kong, China. The company is based on the principle of recruiting people to sell QNET and its products to earn commissions due to the sales.

QNET scam is a pyramid scheme where the person is below the person above him. It is a similar concept to MLM/Ponzi scheme. It is similar to an eBay/Amazon-type scheme where you contact people, sell products to them, and then earn money.

The QNET scam involves deception, fraud, pyramid schemes, and money laundering. Therefore, be careful with this type of scam. Be aware that there are a lot of complaints in different forums about the QNET scam and how QNET scammed them. Most of the complaints involve people losing their money.

The QNET scam has no legality in most countries. Therefore, if you involve the company and purchase the items, it is illegal for you to receive the items. Since more than half of the people involved with QNET are newbies, it is difficult to find out how this scam scammed them.

Usually, QNET scams involve people from different countries, such as China (Mainland), Thailand, and Singapore, because most of their products are made in Thailand. Therefore, be aware that if you order from them, you might get scammed by QNET. Learn more about Qnet

Ways to prove that QNET is not a scam include;

  1. The number of years that they have been in business
  2. The number of people they have employed to sell their products.
  3. QNET is not a new company and has been around for quite some time. Proof that QNET is legitimate is if you can find more information about them by doing research online.
  4. QNET operates in countries with stringent rules, e.g., China.
  5. If you have doubts about their legitimacy, check the list of distributors directly from the main office. Another way to look for distributors is by searching online, do not just rely on Google as Google will only provide information on the QNET scams but not proof that QNET is legitimate.