Wayne von Borste, an Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Von Borste became the owner of Atlas Freight in 1971, a year before his business started. Soon after, his business began to grow and prosper. His company grew to have seven trucks and more than 100 drivers by 1973. Von Borste was voted “Most Successful Small Businessman” by the “Anchorage Daily News” in 1973. He later became a full partner in Atlas Freight with his brother-in-law Caskey, also a native of Spokane. The company was then renamed “Atlas Transportation”. View full information of Von Borstel on Linkedin

Von Borste continued to grow his company as well as investing other new ventures during the 1970s. In 1973, he and his family opened the Von Borste Inn, located in the Mendenhall Valley of Juneau. The business was a hit and was voted “Best New Business” by the “Anchorage Daily News” in 1974. A year later, he became a partner in a real estate venture with his wife, Mary Lou. Together they purchased a hotel property in Anchorage. By 1976 they had built their first house on the property. The home was featured in “Better Homes and Gardens”.

Von Borste continued to be recognized for his work as an entrepreneur. In 1977, he was chosen to be the Alaska-based chairman of the “State of Alaska’s Small Business Week”, in a ceremony at the Government Center in Juneau. Later, he received the “Distinguished Alaskan Achievement Award” from Governor Bill Janklow.

Von Borste continued to grow with his business throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. The “Mayo Clinic College of Business” recognized him with an award for a $100,000 donation to honor his 50 years as a business owner. He was also recognized as one of America’s top 25 large company CEOs by industry leaders and magazine publishers.

He is a businessman and entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience in topics such as finance, small business, marketing, and the automotive industry. He has been involved in numerous successful businesses and has developed valuable skills like management, customer service, and leadership.