Top Reasons Why QNET Is Not a Scam

QNET is one of the most highly-respected online businesses in the internet world, and they’re still going strong today. They want their investors to know that their company is here to stay. So why are people saying QNET is a scam? Even though this business has been around for quite some time now, there’s a lot of bad reputation attached to the QNET product. The QNET scam myth is hard to break, but what is it? Is QNET a scam?

  1. QNET pays commission based entirely on products sold

Now, QNET doesn’t just pay their salespeople for promoting their products but also for the products that their salespeople sell. This isn’t an excellent deal for distributors because if the member decides to go to another network, they’re not likely to make any money from that sale. But the critical thing to note is that the commission is paid entirely based on what you bring in. For example, your salesperson sells QNX products worth $1,000 every month. This is regardless of how much personal investment you have in the company. Of course, if you’re able to bring in even more sales, your commission will be more significant.

  1. QNET operates in countries who have significant consumer protections

Even though QNET is a direct-selling company, this does not mean they are a scam. When QNET was founded, it was not operated in the United States. Instead, it was based in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Both these countries have consumer protection laws to ensure that their citizens are protected from fraud and deception. This gives consumers confidence that they can trust QNET products and the company. The QNET scam myth is not valid.

  1. QNET has about two decades of direct sales experience

QNET is not like other direct-selling companies. Some call them one of the industry’s oldest and most time-tested companies. It gives people a sense of security knowing that QNET isn’t just new to this industry and that they’ve been able to do well with their products for so long. The QNET scam can’t be genuine if they have a long and successful track record. More from Qnet click here: