The Tillable Platform is Designed

Tillable services are proffessonal to protect the value of the land. An article from Globenewswire recently discussed Tillable’s continual growth as well as their focus on helping those who own farmland across America by protecting its value through investment strategies that are both efficient and cost-effective.

The Tillable platform is designed for farm owners to be able to receive farm management services much like an on-demand Uber service would handle taxi transportation. Tillable is managed by a team of industry experts with a focus on helping their clients save money, increase productivity and invest in the future of their land.

Tillable CEO, Kevin Frischling, states “Tillable’s mission is to help farmers manage our farming practices that are sustainable and profitable,” said Founder and CEO Kevin Frischling. “We want to stabilize value of land while giving people choices. We are passionate about helping our farmers – the backbone of our country. It is an honor to help take care of our nation’s farmlands.”

All of Tillable’s services are backed by their easily accessible online software that includes setting prices, managing assets and time tracking. This software allows the user to manage their farm from anywhere with a login to their Tillable account. It also features features a dashboard that enables the farmer to see when and where cash flows as well as payments for farming labor is distributed.

Tillable has already begun working with its first group of clients who are committed to expanding market share in California’s Central Valley, but this is only the beginning for this fast-growing agriculture platform.

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