The Professional Life of Ron Gutman

Wearing Many Hats in Professional Careers

A lot of career professionals are focused on their singular career, without much focus on other career ventures. Simply, as the healthcare expert states, because it is difficult to have interest in various ventures as a professional. Ron Gutman is a professional who in some ways wears many hats because of his interest in different professional capacity subjects. 


This kind of mentality is good for the areas of subject that Ron Gutman is interested in though. Through his philanthropic efforts and entrepreneurial mind, he has created a community of people dedicated to and passionate about their health.


The Professional Hats that Ron Gutman Wears

Ron Gutman works on various things professionally. Mainly, because he is an inventor, investor, an entrepreneur in health care, an entrepreneur in technology, and a Stanford Professor. He holds patents as an inventor for various creations in the health care and technology field. 


He has patents on Artificial intelligence technology and health care technology that has helped out hundreds of millions of people around the world. 


Ron Gutman Has Been Featured on Various Respected Media Platforms

Ron Gutman, like some of the best professionals out there, has been featured on various respected media platforms. He has made appearances in the trusted periodicals Forbes, Fortune Magazine, and the news network CNN. Ron Gutman gave a popular TedTalk on smiling and additionally wrote a book on the subject as well. The book is titled ‘TED Book Smiling: The Astonishing Impact of a Simple Act’.