The IM Academies and mode of accessibility

IM Academy began as a small start-up in 2013 by Forex experts Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. The primary objective involved a readily available online platform for forex learning. IM has developed into a leading entity during the last eight years.

IM is ahead of the trend by saving money on commercial space and organizational real estate expenditure.

The main products are training programs identified as academies with four unique training courses. The FRX academy focuses on teaching the foundations of foreign currency exchange through videos and goLive training. The HFX academy involves learning about high-frequency trade.

The ECX academy concentrates on e-commerce and enlightens students on how to create and grow a business online. The DCX academy educates about digital currency exchange and trading principles in DCX. The videos teach the fundamentals of notions and trading techniques, including how to use IM tutorial videos and goLive interactive discussions to boost their learning.

A large percentage of education happens during the goLive interactive class session in which students interact exclusively with IM Educators. Each goLive session lasts approximately one hour and is available in several languages to serve students from various time zones. Students can use the IM academy smartphone app to obtain all of IM’s recorded subject matter.

IM students have unrestricted online access to IM Educators and can retrieve pre-recorded and digital content from all four academies. Each lesson plan concludes with a questionnaire to assess the student’s understanding of the topic covered.

Clients and Independent Business Owners (IBOs) can obtain their administration through the website. IM Academy provides a distinct enrolment alternative for anyone interested in being an IBO. IM is a multi-level marketing firm where IBOs oversee talent acquisition, tutoring, and mentoring of new personnel.

The Academy has a group devoted to tracking IBO operations to ensure that no inaccurate statements about the IM Academy’s products or services are made. They also review the progress of academy educators throughout their preliminary trial period and on a periodic assessment basis. Click here to learn more.