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Dance Away the Side Effects in new Music Video by The Chainsmokers

Posted by WA6 on

In the video for the new single “Side Effects” by The Chainsmokers and Emily Warren, an exhausted hotel employee hangs up on her boss and dances the night away.

Camile Mendes, from the hit CW show Riverdale, is already visibly exhausted when she gets the call that she’ll have to work through the weekend. She let’s him know what she thinks by hanging up and tossing her uniform off camera. Mathew Dillon Cohen directed this tour through the hotel as Mendes dances around guests under neon lights, moving to dance music.

The Chainsmokers have steadily released singles since their stunning debut album Memories… Do Not Open. With “Side Effects,” the duo has put out five new tracks in 2018.

Fans who aren’t satisfied with just music videos still have a chance to see the Chainsmokers in person. Currently they’re touring the US well into October.

About The Chainsmokers:

The Chainsmokers are an American electronic music duo. The group had once consisted of Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler. When they disbanded, Pall was introduced to Drew Taggart by their mutual manager Adam Alpert while they were both living in New York City. They re-formed The Chainsmokers in 2012 and soon after released their first major single “Erase,” featuring actress Priyanka Chopra.

Alex Pall is a songwriter, pianist, and producer from Westchester, New York. When not touring with The Chainsmokers, Pall can be found in his home in Los Angeles.

Drew Taggart, originally from Freeport, Maine, studied music at Syracuse University. Since the age of 15 he’s been workign with electronic music. His DJing career started out on SoundCloud with a few original tracks before graduating college, taking an intern position at Interscope Records, and then meeting Pall. Taggart has continued his independent music career on the side, as a songwriter and producer helping other artists master their sound.