Richard Liu, the brains behind JD's success.

Richard Liu is a Chinese nationalist, born and raised in Chang’an, a village outside Suqian. He was raised in a humble background, but this did not hinder him from dreaming big. He had zeal and determination for success, powered by the fact that he wanted to help the community. He liked traveling to the big cities to explore the world, which made him apply for a university in the most considerable towns.

Though he runs one of the largest and successful businesses globally, Richard Liu had to learn from his past mistakes where he had trusted his employees in a restaurant and brought it down within a year. This resulted from his inability to manage both the business and the employees. However, his zeal for owning a company did not end there, and years later, he started JD, where he is the chairman and chief executive officer to date.

After completing his university education, he enrolled in an EMBA program to further his studies for entrepreneurial purposes. He joined a herbal supplement giant, japan life, where he worked, rising every rank that eventually saw him become the director of computer services. This made him gain management skills and experience. This motivated him to start Jindong, a stall that dealt with the distribution of magneto-optical products.

He did his business with dedication, where he refused to substantiate prices and gave his customers assurance that his products were reliable. His company rapidly grew to a full-size store and then into different chain stores across other cities. He started his logistic company to ensure that the products reached all the parts of his country at affordable prices. He managed to reach out to two-thirds of Chinese counties.

JD has grown widely, becoming the country’s largest online direct sales company, with the leading share of 54.3% .it is recognized as the third-largest e-commerce company globally and most prominent retailer in china. In 2011 Richard Liu was recognized by chinas largest television network as the china economic person.

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