Philip Belamant: The CEO and Co-Founder of Zilch Technologies

Philip Belamant, the CEO and Co-Founder of Zilch Technologies, has been named EY Entrepreneur of the year for 2016.

Philip Belamant is one of the youngest-ever winners of this award, and at just 24 years old, he is also one of the youngest entrepreneurs to have founded a billion-dollar company.

Belamant won the award for his success in founding Zilch Technologies, a business that helps companies grow revenue through data-driven insights from supply chain data.

  1. About Zilch

Zilch Technologies helps companies of all sizes bring their supply chain processes into the twenty-first century by cutting costs and improving performance. The company’s flagship product, the Zilch Data Warehouse, is a data warehouse that uses big data to help companies improve their sales and profitability. It was based on Belamant’s experience of bringing his father’s business process into the twenty-first century when he started his first company at 16.

In 2013 Philip Belamant launched Zilch, an online platform that provides supply chain visibility. It helps companies understand where their products are unavailable, which can help them improve business processes and enhance customer experiences by identifying issues before they become a problem.

  1. Philip Belamant Business Strategy

Philip Belamant’s business strategy focuses on his disruptive product offering instead of a traditional sales and marketing approach. The Zilch Data Warehouse (ZDW) was created in 2013 after Philip Belamant’s father retired from managing an Australian dairy company. In retirement, he wanted to spend more time with his family, so he took over the family business of supplying milk and butter to local supermarkets and online retailers.

The award will help Philip Belamant’s company, Zilch Technologies become a household name, and he will be able to expand further his sales in the Middle East and North American markets. Philip Belamant is a successful businessman, and his business acumen has propelled him to become an Entrepreneur of the Year.