Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega Leads The Partnership Between Televisa And Univision

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     The vice president of Grupo Televisa, S.A. is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. He is credited with transforming this company from being a mismanaged one to being one of the most successful and reputed media companies of Mexico.

Many reasons can be contributed to this success. One of these is the $1.2 billion deal signed between Televisa and Univision. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was involved in a way in making this deal. There was some disagreement with regard to this deal that had to be addressed before it could be signed. All this took months of negotiating. In the end, he was able to sort everything perfectly so that Televisa and Univision were able to settle this deal.

It was something that was a turning point for both these companies.

This was a landmark deal that was signed in 2010. It opened up new opportunities for Televisa as now it could broadcast its programs to the Hispanics residing in the United States. There is a huge population of Hispanics in the US. Besides, it was able to place three of its executives on the Board of Directors of Univision as it had an ownership share there.

Univision had been going through harsh times due to debt and layoffs. In fact, it was inching towards bankruptcy. This is why they were selling a part of the company to anyone who was willing to buy and become a part of it. While Televisa was able to make sales through enhanced profits, Univision was able to revitalize its presence amongst the Hispanics located in the United States.

Televisa owns 49% of Univision today. Their programs are highly popular and have high TRP ratings across all households. Their receptions are good. All this is the result of the effort put in by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega.

Women in Business/CEO/Cosmetics Industry/Inspirational Women

Taking Hints from Doe Deere: Starting an Entrepreneurial Endeavor

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Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, knows what it takes to be successful. Never taking no for answer is the first step. Prior to her makeup brand’s international success, she was told that selling lipstick online, let alone any other cosmetic product would be an impossible feat to accomplish. On a mission to prove the naysayers wrong, Deere developed her passion of nontraditional bright and colorful makeup into a successful business and incorporated her personal brand into a full-blown cosmetic line. In 2008, Lime Crime was born out of a little bit of self- belief, a little bit of perseverance, and a whole lot of contrasting hues of makeup. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder


The idea for Lime Crime originated from Deere’s eBay account. The account featured Deere selling and modeling her own clothing lines with a different makeup look each time. Straying away from clothes and into the world of luminous makeup hues, Deere developed her passion for glittering colors into an animal friendly cosmetic line. Today, Lime Crime’s success is seen within its international following of customers who, like Deere, believe in shining as bright as their neon-colored lipstick covered lips. Learn more: http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup


Recently, Doe Deere offered advice on how her personal brand stemmed into a successful business niche. From passion to business, Deere is an inspiration for those looking to start their own entrepreneurial endeavors.


A combination of factors are required when starting a business. Doe Deere knows success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, caring about what you are doing will help get you going in the right direction, however, passion will keep you going when things get hard. Almost all successful business ideas are rooted in individual passion. In order to establish your business idea in a market, creating value for other customers is key to succeeding. Furthermore, planning how you will fuel your passion from Point A to Point B is necessary. An organized business plan is required to piece everything together for not only your own benefit, but for possible outside investors as well. Learn more: http://yourbeautycraze.com/doe-deere-helps-wayward-cats-kitty-bundles/


Doe Deere wouldn’t be where she is with Lime Crime if it wasn’t for her belief in bright, colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics. Looking at Deere, one can see that business ventures are generated from passion and determination. While the cost of starting a business may seem difficult to bear at first, the reward for succeeding while doing something you love is absolutely priceless. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/



Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Comes out as a Financial Genius

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     The media landscape of Mexico has experienced a rapid change over the last two decades. Today, the industry is filled with diversity, and it has also become more independent than before. Gone are the days when the government had a massive influence on what was to be broadcasted or printed. Some of the top media companies include Arca Continental, Grupo Inbursa, GFNorte, and Grupo Televisa, S.A, which is currently the most prominent and famous media company in the Spanish-speaking world. Grupo Televisa, S.A is also listed on the NYSE, and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the current Chief Financial Officer of the company.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was born on August 16, 1967. He is passionate and very professional when it comes to work ethics. Due to changing and unpredictability of the Mexico media industry, there is a growing need to have reliable personnel who are trained to handle and carry the flag of the company higher than others. Additionally, there has also been a quick change in the business cycle and increased economic disruption that has called for the need to have a professional and experienced Chief Financial Officer. This is why Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was taken by one of the prominent media company due to his experience in the field and professionalism.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is very strategic and ensures that he rips maximum benefit for the company. He is very fundamental to the company, and he has helped the business to cope with the market conditions of Mexico. He is a dedicated guardian to the company’s finances and ensures that the business remains competitive both at the national and international level. He understands the trends of the market and the entire value chain of the company, thus ranking as one of the best CFO’s in the world. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is considered a genius in finance and a person who has a clear and a structured vision for the industry.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Improves Human Lives

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Mikhail Blagosklonny, a professor, and researcher specializes in cancer and aging. His studies on the prevalence of cancerous cells in aged people yielded a satisfactory result. He discovered the therapy for slowing down aging and rejuvenating immunity against age-related diseases. His discovery of a drug to increase longevity by slowing cancer and aging is a significant success in experimental medicine.Mikhail Blagosklonny also motivated his students and other scientists to engage in studies that will enhance the quality of life. His researches provided a better understanding of complicated medical issues. However, his hypothesis on the use of rapamycin to slow down human aging brought him to the limelight. This cancer treatment has become popular in the medical field.

Education and Career

Mikhail Blagoskoony obtained an M.D and a Ph.D. in internal medicine and experimental medicine and cardiology respectively. He started his career after his study at First Pavlov State Medical University, St. Petersburg. Blagoskoony was later hired at Ordway Research Institute, Albany NY as a senior scientist. His appointment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology marked an advancement in cancer therapy.He focused on anti-aging drugs, mechanisms of aging and cancer therapies. These treatments aimed at protecting healthy cells from damage. Through his research in molecular and cellular biology, he was able to develop anti-cancer methods.

Rejuvenation Drug

Oncotarget cancer research on anti-aging drugs became successful with the discovery of Rapamycin. He proposed the use of this cancer drug in extending life. He established that appropriate dosage of rapamycin could slow aging and consequently cancer. Besides, no side effects have been detected. This achievement was possible through his studies on the combination of anti-cancer drugs and protection of healthy cells.Blagoskloony solved the mystery of the connection between aging and revitalization of the body with rapamycin. The anti-aging properties of this drug made it an ideal agent for cancer therapy. It refreshes the body by reducing destruction of skin cells and cell degeneration. The rejuvenating feature of this medication enables it to slow aging and the growth of cancer cells. Blagoskloony supports the use of this drug to abolish aging and extend human life.With his discovery, he believes that cancer therapy will be a cost-effective treatment in the future. This breakthrough in oncology provides an affordable cancer treatment that is not painful, unlike the current ones. Individuals of different economic status can receive the best cancer therapy.

Editorial Ventures

Blagoskloony has published many articles on his studies. Though he used laboratory animals, he was able to establish the connection between aging and cancerous cells. The anti-cancer drug he discovered not only inhibits the development of tumors, but it also rejuvenates the body.He is the editor-in-chief of the monthly medical journal “Aging.” This publication deals with the aging process. He also held a similar position for Cell Cycle and Cell Death & Differentiation. H these articles have inspired his peers and students to engage in studies that will improve human life.Blagoskloony intends to discover a means of annihilating cancerous cells completely without harming healthy cells after undergoing therapy. However, he hopes other scientists will further his research on cancer treatment.

Fashion Business

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Giving Amazon Reasons to be Concerned?

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In order for Amazon to be concerned about any company breaking out of the pack of thousands of other clothing retailers and threatening their dominance, something really earth-shattering needs to be occurring. Amazon is bring in 20 percent of the total sales in the fashion e-commerce market, and there has not been anyone even close to those numbers in year. Out of nowhere, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics may be the company to really give Amazon pause for concern. In a little under three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has generated $250 million in sales of women’s active-wear in the same space as Amazon.


To get a better understand what is the driving force behind this athleisure brand, we need only look at what Hudson calls her two foundations for success. She credits the diverse membership package for her members, as well as the distinct reverse showrooming sales technique. If you want to see these two techniques working side by side, take a little drive to the local mall and step inside the Fabletics retail stores. Women are not being pressured to make purchases by the sales associates, they are window-shopping, taking the lifestyle quiz, and trying on all the leggings and yoga pants they can while in the store.


The dominance in this fashion e-commerce market may be about to come to a screeching halt if Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has something to say about it. Each time one of these shoppers tries on something at the retail store, it gets uploaded to the Fabletics e-commerce site for future consideration. When these women pick up where they left off while at the mall, something very unique is happening. Since they already know how the workout apparel fits, they begin buying all that active-wear on impulse. Sales online has exploded for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, something no one in that industry could have predicted.


The membership perks only start there however, customers of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics can also expect free shipping for online orders, discounts on all the active-wear pieces, and your own shopping assistant. Your personal shopper looks over the answers you submitted on the lifestyle quiz, then places one new item each month in your online cart to consider. What is happening here is these shoppers are enjoying the pampering, and then they go from a shopper to a loyal Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics customer. If Amazon is not paying attention now, they will be very concerned in the near future.


Rocketship Education Is Providing A Promising Future To Underprivileged Students

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Juan Diego Scholarship for the Santa Clara University was created in 1999 by Father Mateo Sheedy, the Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish. Upon creating this scholarship he quickly learned that hundreds of the children in his congregation didn’t have the academic fundamental requirements to allow them to attend their local university, or really any top-tier university in the country. Father Mateo Sheedy worked to correct this concern by working with his hometown to come up with strategies to enhance the academic opportunities in Washington Guadalupe.

Sadly, Father Mateo Sheedy has since passed away, but his movement and desire to improve the education system has lived on and is still being pursued. The members of his congregation beseeched John Danner and Preston Smith. They are two educational entrepreneurs that were currently strategizing a new standard for education institutions in impoverished communities. John Danner used to be a software engineer and was fascinated by the way technology could enhance individualized studies, and desired to put the ideas into action. Preston Smith had years of experience from being a principal at an encouraging elementary school in San Jose, California. This school quickly sighted the significance of having enabled teachers and committed parents working together, and how it had a positive influence on student accomplishments.

The community, John Danner, and Preston Smith came together and created Rocketship, Mateo Sheedy, Elementary School. With their ideas and cooperation all in place they very swiftly noticed accelerated success in academic achievement. The families joining the waiting list for this school has proved that there is a high demand for education systems of this caliber in San Jose, Ca.

There is currently a total of twelve Rocketship schools in the Bay Area of CA, two in Nashville, Tennessee, one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and one in Washington DC. There is an achievement gap between schools in underprivileged communities and those schools located in wealthier parts of the country. The students attending Rocketship schools are working together to eliminate that gap and prove that excellence can be achieved. They have plans to continue building Rocketship educational centers and meet the needs of students, no matter their families financial background.

Energy Efficiency

Goettl’s Tips to Achieving Energy Efficiency

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During summer, homeowners and business owners struggle to keep their houses and offices as cool as possible. However, the dilemma kicks in when they cannot keep their homes and business premises cool without the fear of the soaring energy costs. Thankfully, the leading HVAC expert, Goettl, offers useful insights into achieving energy efficiency throughout summer. The below tips were picked from The Bro Talk, on a post titled “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer.”

Practice proper AC maintenance – while having a high quality, and perhaps the most expensive HVAC system is imperative, there is a need to ensure that the system is working at peak performance at all times. This can only be achieved through regular proper maintenance of the system to keep off unwanted elements such as debris.

Have a ceiling fan installed as it is a crucial part of the general cooling strategy. Its primary purpose is to improve air circulation in the room, and in turn, allow the spreading of the cool and conditioned air far away from your AC without the utilization of additional energy.

If you have a manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable one. You want to make sure that your thermostat is properly adjusted at all times to help you stay cool and save energy costs.

Make sure that your HVAC system is accurately shaded at all times. While placing a shade above the system works fine, better results are achieved if a few trees or tall bushes are planted nearby to keep the sun away.

About Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical

Among many other things, Goettl should be commended for one thing – it has stood the test of time. Goettl has been in the business of shaping the air conditioning and heating industry since 1926. The adventure by the Goettl brothers started in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio.

A couple of years later, the three brothers, Bill, John, and Adam went to Phoenix and Arizona in search of new opportunities at the time of Great Depression. That is how the Phoenix-based Goettl AC came to be and later grew into an internationally recognized innovator in the mass production of evaporative coolers and many other innovations associated with the heating and cooling technology. Goettl even had the pleasure of holding more than 100 patents at one time.


Food Distributor

OSI Group, LLC – A Leading Food Processing Company

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OSI Group is a privately owned company based in America and the leading in food service and retail sector with global headquarters within Aurora, Illinois. The company operates its plants within the US under OSI Industries, LLC with the plants being located in different places such as Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Riverside, California, Utah, Fort Atkinson, and Wisconsin.

OSI produces various private label brand foods and also co-packs key brand items for its different retail and food service customers. OSI Group consists over 65 facilities within 17 countries all over the globe including Asia-Pacific region, Eastern and Western Europe and North America.

Food products produced by OSI Group include meat patties, bacon, pork, poultry, dough, hot dogs, pizza, fish, and vegetable items. The company is likewise a meat provider of other western fast-food chains within China, for example, Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut. OSI Group facilities have before been honored with awards in various categories including environmental management, safety risks, and management health.

OSI Group is the major world provider of custom value-added products of food. Being one of the biggest privately owned organizations within the United States, the organization provides unparalleled resources and goes the extra mile to cater the needs of its customers.

The OSI extensive capacities incorporate the development of custom food products and management of world food supply chains, right from sourcing through distribution and processing. Such advanced processes enable the company to produce and deliver customer food items that fit clients requirements and optimizes their opportunities.

OSI has over 65 facilities and 20,000 workers within 17 countries who concentrate on producing high quality customized food products. As the key world food supplier, OSI partners with the globe’s major brands in providing concept-to-table solutions. The company has an entrepreneurial agility and passion enabling customer collaborations by ensuring innovative ways turn ideas into solutions.


Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Guards The Gold Of Grupo Televisa

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     Telecommunications companies present to the world the sights and sounds of society. What companies are at the top of the telecommunications industry in Mexico?

Grupo Televisa founded, in 1955,  as Telesistema Mexicano, was formed by a merger of Mexico’s first three television stations. Groupa Televisa is privately owned. Groupo Televisa developed into a multimedia enterprise, which is headquartered in Mexico and is the first Hispanic speaking media company and the largest in Latin America. It has become a major business player in international entertainment.  The company is known as Univision in the United States and is valued at $15.6 billion.

America Movil is a Mexican telecommunication company and is the largest company in Mexico with a market value of $51.9 billion.   It is the primary provider of integrated telecommunications services in Latin America.  In Latine America, it operates as Telmex, Telcel, and Claro. America Movil has enhanced the communication services in twenty-five counties in both America and Europe.

TV Azteca broadcasts its signal which reaches thirteen countries in Central and South America and is owned by Groupo Azteca.  TV Azteca is a mass media company and stands second in influences and assets to Grupo Televisa. TV Azteca was created by the privatization of all telecommunications companies by the president of Mexico in the early 1990s.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa and has been associated with Groupo Televisa since 2002.  Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is one of the top twenty-five CFOs in Mexico.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was the President of Bestel, Inc.  Bestel’s expertise is telecommunications and information technology. Bestel operates a network of optical fibers and provides services to 225 cities in Mexico.  Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also served on the Board of Directors at Tarabu, Inc and Sara Publicaitons, Inc.






The Services Achievements And Excellence Of Aloha Roofing

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Aloha Construction is trusted, bonded, and looking forward to another season in siding and roofing. They service Northern Illinois and have dealt with storms, high winds, and dangerous hail since they opened in 2008. Their growth has bee positive and they now serve Southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois with pride. They will begin building high quality homes in the near future.


The CEO and President of Aloha Construction is David A. Farbaky. He has spoken of the excitement they felt in 2013 when they had finished 7000 projects in Illinois. They have since completed 20,000 projects with their focus on giving the highest quality of service to the residents of Illinois with what was at the time a new office in Bloomington.


The company has grown by providing security to people when they are in their home. They are now expanding and offering interior restoration as well as water extraction, clean up, aid in natural disasters, and remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. The company also plans a new launch in May close to their headquarters in Lake Zurich. The Aloha Construction website has a news section for their local roofing services and will feature any new announcements.


Aloha Construction is a company owned by family. They are general contractors, bonded and insured, and provide contracting services throughout all of Illinois and into the southern part of Wisconsin. They proudly offer their services to DuPage, Cook, McHenry, and Lake counties through their office in Lake Zurich. Their office in Bloomington serves Champaign, Tazewell, Washington, and Peoria counties.


Aloha Construction has successfully completed more than 18,000 projects in Palatine, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Hoffman Estates, Grayslake, Pekin, Gurnee, Mundelein, Libertyville, Bloomington, Lake Villa, Washington, Wauconda, Lake Zurich, Peoria, Vernon Hills, Normal, Lindenhurst, Morton, and Mahomet. There is no doubt they have the Midwest covered. Aloha Construction offers expert roof inspections absolutely free along with a craftsmanship warranty for ten years and they also offer financing.