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HCR Wealth: Advising Children of Aging Parents

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HCR Wealth Advisors has been working for over two decades to help their clients reach personalized financial goals. The firm does this in part by educating its clients about the various options and strategies available to them. The clients are taught how to limit their risks, prepare for emergencies, and grow their money. HCR Wealth Advisors offers financial advice and creates personalized financial plans.

Many families today are caught between raising their own children and caring for their aging parents. The adults who are caught in this situation are called “the sandwich generation.”

If you are caring for older parents, it is essential for you to know where their finances are coming from, and how long their retirement accounts will be paying out. Often, parents and children do not discuss money together, but since you are helping your parents financially, it imperative to know their situation.

Another area to investigate is the health insurance coverage of parents. Do they have long-term care? It is not uncommon for couples to live into their 90s. Long-term care coverage can be helpful.

The children of these elderly adults still need to plan their own retirements. HCR Wealth Advisors understands that and takes into account many different dynamic family situations.

If possible, put the largest amount you can afford into a retirement account. Retirement accounts may be from your employer, or you can create one on your own. People are living into their 90s now. How long will we be living another decade from now?

Helping pay for college is another area of financial focus for the sandwich generation. Helping their children through school will make them more likely to not have to move back home. One way to pay for school is to put money into a tax-saving education account as early as possible.

Planning for retirement, college education, and caring for elderly parents can put a strain on anyone. HCR Wealth Advisors works to establish trust with the firm’s clients and looks to help teach families how to survive and thrive while in the middle.

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About Barbara Stokes

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Barbara Stokes enters into GSH of Alabama, LLC with extensive experience in government contracting. As a leader in the disaster relief construction industry, Ms. Stokes and her team of leaders lends their support for helping the many victims of disasters abroad to rebuild and getting them back on track as suppose. Whether in need of relief for businesses or residential matters, Barbara Stokes makes incredible outcomes happen, supporting missions of FEMA and the United States government. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes would graduate from Mercer University out of Macon, Georgia – the oldest private university in Georgia – where she would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. While attending Mercer, she would also study manufacturing and management, thermodynamics, technical communication and many other subjects as well. Barbara Stokes loved studying at Mercer, influenced many and was an instructor’s favorite.

Prior to joining GSH of Alabama, LLC as its CEO, Ms. Stokes worked with Pisces Corporations and Boeing for an extensive amount of years, taking on managerial roles in the processes. Ms. Stokes has always put her best foot forward, taking the bulls by the horns and conquering the most difficult tasks set out in front of her. She has always been someone to count on to get the job done and as CEO of GSH of Alabama, LLC, Ms. Barbara Stokes applies the right strategies, sets the right standards and builds the right executive teams to keep GSH of Alabama, LLC on the winning side.

Barbara Stokes is also an avid supporter of the Huntsville, Alabama community. With her great heart and spirit, Ms. Stokes not only donates money to various charities throughout, but she takes out of her busy schedule to volunteer on many projects of local organizations as well.

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About Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC

The company specializes in building commercial, residential modular and turnkey mobile buildings, using wood frames and steel materials. Started in 2008, the company not only provides disaster relief solutions, but solutions that are unrelated as well as pertaining to corporations, federal contracts and logistics. Its buildings are specifically developed for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Buildings can be delivered on demand. Read more at Business Insider.

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The Oxford Club Provides 24/7 Access to its Members

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The Oxford Club currently has over 100,000 members around the world and provides exceptional customer service with their 24/7 access platform that provides their investors with up-to-date information and insight into various asset opportunities to invest and generate high levels of return on investment. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 by Bill Bonner a global conglomerate business owner of The Agora Companies. The Oxford Club was called The Passport Club initially before the purchase of a Florida publication called The Oxford Club and thus the name was coined and continued as the trademark of the organization. Bill Bonner founded The Oxford Club as a social networking organization that could provide its core group members with leverage within the investment arena to capitalize on their expertise and knowledge through share data resources collaborated through their social gatherings. By providing opportunities to expand their portfolios with extremely lucrative investment opportunities that create long-term and short-term profitable returns on investment, Oxford members are unique in their scope and perspective within their organization.


The Oxford Club has excelled with the expertise and knowledge base collected from its members and staff of extremely skilled executives and management. The Oxford Club is run by Julia Guth Chief Executive Officer a savvy leader that guides the intellectual expertise within the organization and has a high level of stewardship and guidance ability in the dissemination of key investment resources. Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth has established a strong knowledgeable team of researchers, publishers, editors, operations, marketing, and customer service talent that provides the organization with the top of the line professionalism and execution of their mission of providing the highest quality investment information in the world.


The Oxford Club provides valuable intellectual analysis and evaluation of options, real estate, precious metals, currencies, equities, cryptocurrencies and various other extremely lucrative asset investment opportunities. The very well organized resource information on the various categories is exceptionally presented. The Oxford Club provides his members with 24/7 access to its resources and platforms that provide them with the real-time information needed to capitalize on some of the world’s most lucrative and profitable investment opportunities in various asset categories.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of American Careers

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a leading healthcare company that provides assistance to individuals who are suffering from one of many types of cancer. The company specializes in providing comprehensive and accommodating treatment to those who are looking to fight and overcome cancer. With a number of locations throughout the United States, Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides patients with the convenience to get access to the healthcare they need. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a wide range of services to help patients treat cancer. These include radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy and also chemotherapy. Like all other healthcare organizations, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a number of career options that people can pursue who wish to be a part of this company.

One of the top careers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is physician. As a medical doctor, people can pursue opportunities to lead the way in diagnosing cancer and administering the treatments. Physicians can help patients by assessing their condition, finding the most effective treatment plan and also educating patients on how to best treat cancer. They will also oversee and supervise the treatment process as well. Therefore, the job as a physician plays an essential role in the cancer treatment process.Another key position at this company is registered nurse. As a registered nurse, people can pursue a career where they will provide direct patient care. Registered nurses will do a number of things for cancer patients such as help with administering treatment, educating patients, diagnosing conditions and working with other members of the healthcare team to ensure that patients are getting the best quality care available.

Those who seek jobs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America will also have the opportunity to pursue administrative jobs as well. Individuals can pursue careers as a medical assistant. At this position, they will be able to provide assistance to healthcare practitioners in treating patients as well as helping the office administrative staff as well. With a diverse set of tasks, being a medical assistant can provide jobseekers with a fulfilling role with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.Those who seek jobs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America will also have the opportunity to pursue administrative jobs as well. Individuals can pursue careers as a medical assistant. At this position, they will be able to provide assistance to healthcare practitioners in treating patients as well as helping the office administrative staff as well. With a diverse set of tasks, being a medical assistant can provide jobseekers with a fulfilling role with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.As well as pursuing job opportunities in the healthcare sector, individuals can also occupy jobs in professional fields and management. You can pursue jobs such as database administrator, accountant, financial analyst, human resource manager and general manager. These positions will allow jobseekers to have a rewarding career and be an integral part of the company.


PSI Pay Facilitates A New Way Of Thinking

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The world requires economic solutions that will allow people to transfer money without any fear of being compromised. That’s exactly why the work of PSI Pay is so important and why this company manages to remain so important to people even years after they have entered the market. They offer people payment solutions that allow them to work across the world without many of the problems so often seen. The quality of their work has led many people to think of them as the best way to find solutions to just about anything that manages to arise. The alternatives to PSI Pay simply can’t offer anything similar.

The ability to do what is being done by PSI Pay is something that has to be taken into context. They are providing people with a variety of payment options ranging from online to card based options. That requires some serious thought and hard work as hackers and others are always thinking of ways to get into systems in order to steal information and keep people from being able to do what they need to in order to conduct business and to exploit security weaknesses for their own personal profit. Such issues are not found thanks to their devotion to top notch end to end encryption.

We can see that PSI Pay has gotten as far as it has gotten because the company is focused on making sure they have the best team to handle all issues. You can look anywhere you want and you will not find this sort of service and people providing what they have given people in most situations. There simply isn’t someone out there who wants to do this and has the ability to create something as amazing as PSI Pay is. They stand out from the crowd.

PSI Pay and Kerv have teamed up to offer something truly amazing and unlike what you will see out there. They have created the world’s first contactless ring for payment solutions and it is creating something very amazing. People who currently think about wearable tech are very excited. It offers something that takes us forward and gives us a way of treating our future like something you wouldn’t even think about. PSI Pay has emerged as one of the most successful companies for a reason. They are trying to do everything they can to give their consumers what they need.

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Heal and Soothe, The Solution To Inflammation In The Joints And Oxidation

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     Heal N soothe is a dietary supplement that is said to have strong properties that are said to be pro anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants. These products are developed to reduce and soothe pain in the joints. It is a product of the National Enzyme Company that is marketed by the Living Well Nutraceutical establishment.

The product is said to have features that help raise the proteolytic enzymes levels and activities in order to help the body stay free from radicals. The company focuses on the knowledge and the fact that joint pains come as a result of inflammation hence the development of a product that is supposed to cure inflammation. The product is designed to remove the agents that are the root cause of inflammation not only in the joint parts of the body but rather the entire body in general.

The upside and most amazing fact about Heal and Soothe is that it is said to be completely made of natural ingredients for anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation. These ingredients include papain which is commonly used in meat tenderization, bromelain which is obtained from the stem part of pineapple trees, and rutin, a product used to strengthen the human’s blood vessels. Citrus bioflavonoid complex is a product that contains anti-oxidation agents in plenty, the roots of the ginger plant, serrazimes, an extract from the turmeric plant, Boswellia Serrate and vitamin E products. All these ingredients are carefully put together to come up with the Heal and Soothe end product found on the market.

Heal and Soothe is specifically designed to relieve pain as opposed to most pain relievers that also dig into reducing the degradation of the body that is resulting in the pain. The thought behind this is that by reducing the inflammation and oxidation, the pain is eliminated as well as the agent causing degradation in the body specifically the joints. As opposed to other traditional forms of pain relievers Heal and Soothe product is completely organic and cost-friendly and is also highly effective.

Heal and Soothe is developed for clients who are looking into completely eliminating inflammation in their joints and in return relieve pain. The product comes in form of small capsules and can be purchased from Living Well Nutraceutical’s online sites.

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Highland Capital Management Does all it Can

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As it has in the past, Highland Capital Management continues to support the George W. Bush Presidential Center, with a sizable amount of financial support. In recent times, their ever-flowing line of cash contributions comes to the tune of 10 million dollars, as an endowment gift. But, that is really just the beginning, because the monies given are intended to run public programs, such as the “Engage at the Bush Center”, which runs throughout the year and brings some great minds from the field of literature, philosophy and journalism to the center. Read more at

This is very good news, and the Center’s CEO, Kenneth Hersh, has the honor of sharing it with the world. And of course, Highland Capital Management president, Jim Dondero is proud to be responsible for being the good news giver. The best part about this relationship is that it has such a long run. From very early on, Highland holds a record for making contributions to the center through various gifts and all manner of support. But surely, the center is most grateful for those multimillion donations that keep rolling in from Dondero and his people.


And, why shouldn’t the relationship between the two institutions be an amicable one? The George W. Bush Presidential Center does a lot for all kinds of people across the board, whether they be good and law abiding every-day citizens or just good old-fashioned veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Highland Capital and the Bush Center do it all the time throughout the years, as they continue to do so. Beside the Engage at the Bush Center program, there is the “Highland Capital Lecture” that the community can look forward to enjoying.

But, the support that Highland Capital Management lends to the center is not just about dollars and cents. No. There is a good amount of leadership that goes from one to the other. That is why Dondero and Hersh are teaming up in a power play that is sure to be the cornerstone for many wise that fair decisions to come, regarding the services available to the public through the center. One program that is sure to draw a crowd is the “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches / James Madison & Today’s Media. This is just the type of service that the Center is known for providing. In the case of the Constitutional Conversations, the admission is free. Read this article at

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Jason Hope explains upcoming technological innovations

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What is the internet of Things? This is a technology of the present and the future according to tech commentator Jason Hope. Jason Hope has done a lot in availing information about the Internet of Things to the people. He has been writing in tech blogs about the advent of this technology that has so much potential that it has a possibility of changing the world in the way we know it today. Jason Hope is leading in imparting information to people about IoT. This technology will be so huge that it will not be possible to avoid it. Businesses that will not align their business goals with this technology will be at risk of losing their business shortly. It will be mandatory for all business to accept the important role this technology plays.

The Internet of Things as Jason Hope explains is a technology that will make it possible to connect all the devices we use to each other. The best way this will happen is through connection to the internet. Through the internet connection, all devices will be able to connect and share information with each other.

This is where the advantages about IoT lies. When devices can connect to each other, they will share information. When devices share information, it means that they can communicate and do tasks without human intervention. Just think of an alarm clock alerting your coffee maker to start preparing your coffee since you are about to wake up. Such is the effectiveness of the technology we are talking about. A technology where it will be possible for devices to communicate amongst themselves and complete tasks that otherwise would need you to do manually. Another example is the ability to switch the lights on and off while you are away from home. In short, the Internet of Things technology will make it possible to connect and operate any device that can switch on/off.

Jason Hope has made it possible for every person to understand this technology in a very simple language. He has written his book in a way that will be simple for all of us to comprehend. The future looks bright, and Jason believes that all the things he has talked in his eBook will be possible in the new era of technology we are about to see.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is from the state of Arizona. He is an entrepreneur, a tech futurist, and a philanthropist. With his love for technology, he is spreading the word about the Internet of Things hoping that every person will know about it and prepare for the changes that are on the way.

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Conor Lamb Gets A Positive Push From End Citizens United PAC

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     The race in a special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional seat is already getting ugly after Republican opponents of Democrat Conor Lamb seemed to suggest that Lamb was not a “real” military veteran.

Lamb served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2009 to 2013. He retired with the rank of captain and now serves as a major in the Marine Reserves. His military career was exceptional. He earned medals for service to global war on terrorism, the national defense service medal, and was recognized for a Navy and Marine Corps commendation. He was honorably discharged.

Lamb’s Republican opponent, state lawmaker Rick Saccone, served 18 years in the United States Air Force. His backers seemed to suggest that Saccone’s military record was somehow more legitimate than Lamb’s.

Lamb is in a tough race in this southwest Pennsylvania district that has been held by Republicans for decades. But Conor Lamb recently got a boost from a national political action committee, or PAC.

That PAC is End Citizens United, a group started in 2015. It was formed around a central goal of getting big money and “dark money” out of the American election system. Formation of the PAC is a reaction to the co-called 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United ruling which made it possible for corporations and billionaires to “go crazy” with millions and billions in donations to candidates of their choice.

Those candidates tend to be far right and alt-right Republicans willing to do the bidding of multinational corporations while ignoring the needs, concerns and issues of the average American citizen.

End Citizens United is backing Conor Lamb because he strongly supports reforming the way elections are handled in the U.S. He has specifically stated that it is essential that rules be changed regarding how much a single entity can donate to a specific political candidate.

End Citizens United is expected to raise some $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm election. It is working hard to flip the U.S. House – and possibly the Senate – from Republican domination to Democrat control.

All the money End Citizens United raises is garnered with a strictly grassroots model. The average donation is about $14. End Citizens United is determined to be a force for the average voter who is increasingly being disenfranchised from elections by Big Money special interests.

Electing Conor Lamb in the March 13 special election would be a welcome “W” in End Citizens United’s column.

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Lending Programs Started By Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

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Over the past few years, the economy in Brazil has grown rapidly. As a result, more people than ever have excess income. Some people are interested in starting a business in order to increase their income. Starting a business in Brazil is not complicated. There are fewer legal requirements than in other countries. However, many people need financing in order to get their business idea started.

The banking industry is a critical part of any economy. Brazil’s government is investing heavily in additional infrastructure for the economy. In addition, there are many people who are starting to take out loans to invest in the future. This is a great sign for the future growth of the country. Now is a great time to invest in Brazil.

The Career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had 40 years of experience as a business leader. Although he is retired, he still follows different trends in the market. He started working at a bank as a clerk while he was in college. He quickly learned the banking industry. After graduating in University of Sao Paolo, he accepted another position at a larger bank. He quickly moved into leadership positions at the company. When he received the opportunity to take over the CEO position at Bradesco, he knew that he wanted to lead the company.

Brazil’s Economy

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started in the banking industry, the economy of Brazil was much different than it is today. The economy was largely based on agriculture. Few people went to college, and there were few manufacturing jobs to choose from.

Over the past few years, the economy of Brazil has grown tremendously. Numerous companies have started to invest capital in the country. Thousands of new jobs are being created each month in various sectors. This means that workers have a great opportunity to increase their income. Many people are going back to school in order to increase their skills.

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Small Business Opportunities

Now is a great time to start a small business in Brazil. With high levels of economic growth, people are willing to spend more money than in previous years. Now is a great time to start investing for the future.

Anyone who wants to start a small business needs to have a business plan. Some people get into financial trouble because they start a company without the proper financial backing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wants to help small business owners for a variety of reasons. He has always believed that small business owners are a driving force in the economy. If people can start successful companies, the overall economy will improve over time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did a lot of positive things while he was leading Bradesco. He decided that he needed to focus on other areas of his life. Although he is no longer working at the company, he is still proud of what he accomplished while working there. Many small business owners are now running successful companies due to the lending programs started by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

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