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The Millennial’s Lip Balm

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Lip balm doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you’d expect millennials to make much of an impact. There are plenty of examples of millennials changing the way entertainment and business is done in this country but something as simple as lip balm seems odd. Nevertheless millennials are changing the lip balm market with the brand Evolution Of Smooth. Thanks to young adults EOS is now the second most popular brand of lip balm in America. The growth of EOS is so great it is actually driving the over all growth of lip balm sales in general.

The appeal of Evolution Of Smooth isn’t surprising when you look at the fine details. EOS lip balm is highly conscious of environmental issues and trends. All ingredients used are natural reflecting millennials concerns about the use of synthetic ingredients. The company maintains a strong social media presence with Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts to help spread awareness of the brand. Evolution of Smooth has even called upon celebrities to bring even greater awareness of the brand. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have both put this lip balm on their lips to give the brand some star power.

The future of EOS is looking up. The company has an almost entirely automated production pipeline and seeks out new business ventures constantly. There is now an Evolution of Smooth shaving cream on store shelves and online merchants including eBay and Ulta, new flavors of lip balm in are also production. With this level of ambition Evolution of Smooth might just evolve into something greater. To learn more, visit




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Bury Bad Articles With Good Articles

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One thing that people have to understand is that it is very important to manage one’s own reputation. One thing to realize is that there is always going to be someone that is going to have something bad to say about someone else. This is especially true of people that are well known and famous. As one person meets more people, he will be more likely to have something bad said about him. This could be true. However, the bad things that are said could be false. Either way, it is important that one has a plan for taking care of the bad articles.

Fortunately, there are ways to recover from bad articles released on search engines. The client can have articles released about him that provide good news. As a result of good articles, people will begin to forget about the bad press and see the good side of the client. Therefore, they will be more inclined to visit him for his services. This will also allow them to experience the services of the client for themselves. Even the people that remember the bad press might be inclined to accept that he may have learned his lesson or that the article was false.

One company that offers reputation management services is called Bury Bad Articles. They have gained a lot of popularity in the online reputation management industry. As the name suggests, they provide optimized content on their clients in order to get rid of the search results. They look at all of the keywords that are associated with the client and provide content that is optimized to rank highly on the search results. As a result, the other articles will be knocked off of the front page of the search results. Then people will find good news when they search a client’s name.

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What Fabletics Brings to the Table

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It is evident that Fabletics has become the go-to brand when it comes to any type of athleisure. There certainly are quite a few people that have started to notice how this brand has emerged as such a strong brand for the waves of runners, joggers and gym membership owners that are interested in looking stylish. This has not always been the way, but Kate Hudson has done some great things in the industry with Fabletics, and she has emerged victoriously with a good number of outfits for females that need some athleisure wear.

Many people that hear the phrase may not know what this is. The concept is still so new, but the social media world is heating up with talk about what Fabletics brings to the table. Chrissy Teigen, for example, has tweeted about the brand, and proclaimed her love for this type of clothing for working out. Lea Michele has also expressed her admiration for what Fabletics has continued to bring to the table. These are the celebrity friends that have come to support Kate Hudson, but she really doesn’t need this support. She has tons of fans that are working class women that are supporting this brand on

Instagram and Twitter has a crowd of customers that are pleased with this attire. They are posting this on a regular basis. There are people that are even posting short videos online that show what they are working out in. That has made quite the impression on potential customers that have yet to experience what Fabletics is all about. There is also a lot of talk from the magazines as well.

US Magazine has shown celebrities that have worn some of the Fabletics clothing. Marie Claire has even had an interview with Kate Hudson on the popularity of this new athleisure wear. What Kate Hudson has stated in the interview with Marie Claire is that athleisure wear is comfortable. She feels confident enough to wear this type of clothing out on a date with no reservations. That is what she means when she says style. It is comfortable enough to stretch and bend in, but the look is stylish enough to take on the town when the sun sets. Read more at

There are people that are impressed with the brand, and Kate Hudson has a real dedication to making people see the value of this brand. She is opening more stores to get customers that do not shop on the web. The clothing line is expanding to swim wear for those that are hitting the beach or hanging out by the pool. There is a brand new active wear line for those that want to jog. All of this gives the brand diversity. 

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Doe Deere Gets 2 Million Followers

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When it comes to social media, followers are everything. A person that has a lot of followers can get a lot of information out quickly. They can also sell a lot of products. Sometimes the best way to do this is by creating a little controversy. Doe Deere, it would seem, knows how to do this better than anyone else out there.

There is a reason that Doe Deere has been able to maximize her potential through the Internet. She has quite a few online followers. Doe Deere has what only a few other people have. She is like the Kim Kardashian of cosmetics. Much like Kim, Doe Deere is not an actress or singer, but she has managed to get millions of people to follow her and look for her next post. Kim has done this by stirring up a lot of drama and posing topless at times. Doe Deere doesn’t need to do any of that, but she certainly has managed to stir up the hive and keep the social media bees buzzing. Much of this has to do with the bold colors – and statements – that she makes.

Doe Deere has managed to take tons of interest in creating really bright colors with her Lime Crime brand. There is no secret to the fact that she is a really unique individual in the makeup industry, but she also has a lot to do with the business side of things. It is true that she posts a lot of videos and photos online, but the real strength for Doe Deere is linked to her ability to connect her business savvy and her social media crowds together. She is able to introduce people to her new brands. There is also a huge surge in sales thanks to all the follows that she has on Instagram.

Doe Deere depends on the more than 2 million followers to spread the word and buy her products. She doesn’t advertise any other way. All of her marketing is done through social media and her website. This is why she makes it such a priority. That is why she keeps things interesting. She knows that the Instagram crowd is her bread and butter when it comes to revenues. This is why she may say some things that attract controversy and post some things that seem bizarre. That is how she keeps followers intrigued.

Social media is great for because it doesn’t require money. This is a free account. It is like getting free marketing. Granted, she does quite a bit of work, but what she gets in return is priceless. She can reach customers that she cannot get to any other way.

Deere is always happy to share the secrets to her success in business with followers. She loves empowering other young women to get out and follow their passion. She calls herself the Queen of Unicorns because she admires a desire to stand out and be different from the average crowd. Deere embodies this principle in all aspects of her life and constantly finds new creative outlets for herself.


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Darius Fisher of Status Labs Reputation Management Firm Is One to Watch

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As the internet has grown to become an significant part of our lives on both a personal and business level; the management of digital public relations has become a service that is much needed. Austin, Texas based Status Labs has emerged over the past four years as a leader in the field. The public face of Status Labs is cofounder and president Darius Fisher, who includes in their Innovation 50 list of influential and powerful figures in the P.R. World (the piece spotlighting Darius Fisher and Status Labs can be read here:

As the above linked article explains; Status Labs deals with optimizing search results for high-profile individuals and companies. Some just want to polish their profile and enhance their branding. While others contact Darius Fisher for his expertise in damage control. The growth of digital P.R. along with the strength of Status Labs’s work has allowed the company to roll out new offices in Sau Paulo and New York in recent months in order to provide services for an ever-growing list of clients in 35 countries.

Previous work as a political consultant and a copywriter were parts of Fisher’s development before launching Status Labs. Interviews such as this: where Fisher describes in depth some of the methods used in his work make it clear why he enjoys his own reputation as an influential figure in the reputation-management field. He can navigate a crisis and rebuild a damaged reputation, or build a reputation from scratch, with equal dexterity.

Fisher is a native New Yorker and an honors graduate from Vanderbilt University. As co-founder of Status Labs he created the company’s vision and personally oversaw recruitment and development of their sales and management groups. As president he continues to guide the company’s strategies and watch over it’s growth.


Solo Capital Sanjay ShahSolo Capital Sanjay Shah

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Sanjay Shah has been known to own and properly run the function of many founded companies he has developed, but he could not be sure how his new investment firm, Solo Capital, would play out. It became a million dollar company rather quickly and allowed Shah to feel like he could easily retire from the company and allow his trusted managing company to take over the necessary responsibilities. He wasn’t done working, however, he continued to build a charitable foundation called Autism Rocks. It was based on raising funds to help aid in the research and development of autism.

Solo Capital has expanded its services along in Central London and Dubai, which is where Sanjay Shah resides with his family. The company has excelled in many ways, and provider consulting services for all investment opportunities. The solely focus on proprietary trading and consulting. Shah wasn’t always interested in building large companies to make millions. He originally wanted to become a doctor, and went to Central London to study medicine. He decided rather quickly that it wasn’t something he wanted to do, and switched his major to Accounting. After completing college and graduating as an accountant, he entered the financial world of business where he worked for many successful, prominent companies. After years of working the day to day grind, he started to grow tired of the commute and the everyday hustle. That’s when Solo Capital evolved and emerged into a trusted company with a lot of success.

He was able to really concentrate and focus his efforts on Autism Rocks, which he founded in 2014, to help with the recent diagnosis of his son who was just two years old when the discovered he had the condition. That was in 2011, and Sanjay knew that he wanted to do something to help, he just didn’t know what. After a conversation with his long time friend, Snoop Dogg, he decided that he would stage concerts with famous musicians and help raise money through their concerts. The charitable organization took off, and has been able to raise a lot of money for the condition to help with research.


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Docu-Series Featuring Soap Opera Stars Broke New Ground

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Given the popularity of the reality TV genre it can sometimes feel as if every possible facet of American life that is able to be documented has already been captured on film. Many members of the global viewing public have become deeply familiar with the temperamental friendships and exploits of housewives and child beauty pageant participants across the nation. Despite the pervasiveness of reality TV, the first season of the docu-series Queens of Drama managed to break new ground by giving the world a look into the professional lives of some of the biggest names from the soap opera world.

Queens of Drama debuted in April of 2015 on the Pop network. Queens of Drama followed a group of dynamic women who are known for their accomplishments as soap opera actresses. The cast of season one included Crystal Hunt of Guiding Light and One Life To Live fame, Vanessa Marcil of General Hospital, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo of The Bold and The Beautiful and soap opera veteran Donna Mills of Knots Landing and General Hospital fame.

The Pop docu-series gave viewers a look at the group’s efforts to develop and pitch their own television show. While the show emphasized important themes of women’s empowerment and offered an vital perspective on the lives of professional women, it was unique for its exclusive focus on the professional lives of soap opera actresses.

Crystal Hunt was a dynamic addition to the season one cast of Queens of Drama. Like the other members of the all-female cast, Crystal brought her dedication to the field of entertainment and her lively personality to the show’s first season. Along with the other cast members, Crystal was surprised when cast mate Donna Mills arrived at the group’s photoshoot wearing a red dress despite a consensus that the women would all wear black dresses. She and her fellow castmates learned that Donna Mills had set up a meeting to pitch a television show without them. Crystal and her castmates asserted themselves by showing up at the meeting that had been arranged without their knowledge to confront Donna.

Crystal’s noteworthy career as a soap opera actress includes a role as Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live. Her role as Stacy Morasco involved playing an exotic dancer who was obsessed with her fictional sister’s love interest Rex. During her stint on the show, which ran from February of 2009 to February of 2010, Crystal’s character Stacy had a fling with the character Rex, became pregnant, suffered a miscarriage and became involved with a second male character in order to become pregnant. More recently Crystal starred alongside Channing Tatum, Donald Glover, Jada Pinkett Smith, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Kevin Nash in the hit movie Magic Mike XXL. Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to Magic Mike, follows a group of male strippers who have decided to end their careers as exotic dancers by teaming up for one last road trip to a convention for strippers. According to PR Newswire, Crystal played a character named Lauren in Magic Mike XXL.

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QNET’s Encouragement of Women Among The Company’s Sucessess

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At QNET, one of Asia’s most prominent direct marketing companies, woman who want to achieve a work life balance in order to have both a career and a family are well supported. The unique approach of direct sales marketing, includes giving QNET’s employees the ability to manage their time and be their own boss is one of the reasons why many women turn to QNET when looking for a interesting and rewarding career where they can provide for themselves and their families. 

QNET is supporting International Women’s Day by continuing to support their women entrepreneurs. According to the Regional General Mangager of QNET MENA, Kahlid Diab, QNET has proudly supported women in the workplace for many years. The company believes in supporting women’s rights and gender equality, especially in the workplace. 

QNET has long supported women. Almost 75% of the representatives and sales force involved in direct sales are women. These statistics are representative of the sales force and staff at QNET as well and the company continues to work hard to make sure that women are represented well and get the support they need to be a productive part of the company.

It all started with a dream. #QNET #SuccessTips

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In addition to supporting women entrepreneurs, this Hong Kong based and founded company, which has raised to be one of the most prominent Asian Direct Sales companies since it was founded in 1998, also sells many products that are designed for and marketed to women. These products support women’s health and lifestyles. Some of the these products include high end Swiss-made watches for women by Benard H. Mayer, QNET’s range of Couleur makeup, and the Physio Radience Skin Care Range.

In addition this company work supporting women, QNET has also been involved with humanitarian efforts by teaming up with the Lion’s Club. These efforts include donating a kidney dialysis unit to the Sherida Sai Hosptital in Devasandra, Bangalore under the name We Care. Cost for patients is highly subsidized, so that they can continue to receive treatment without worrying about large hospital bills. 

QNET has been highly involved in supporting causes like these since it was first founded in Hong Kong in 1998. Since then it has spread to include distributors and customers in over 100 countries. QNET also has 25 agencies and offices worldwide. You can follow QNET on Twitter, like their official Facebook page, or subscribe on YouTube in order to get more information about this exciting company.


Flavio Maluf Is A Skilled Leader In Business

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Brazil contains many acres of rainforest, and a lot of the ecosystems that are threatened by industry. Many industries just go into the rainforest to take what they need, and they do not have much concern for damage that is being done. Industries also can cause damage to other ecosystems, in different regions of the world. However, there are companies that work to avoid damaging the environment. One of these environmentally friendly companies is Eucatex. This approach has been utilized by Eucatex all along. Eucatex is a 50+ year old company, and they have always been environmentally friendly.

Eucatex is a producer of products that are used to design homes and business. They make paints, doors, and other items that are used for interior design. However, they aren’t ordinary home design products. In fact, the materials that Eucatex uses are quite unique indeed. They use Eucalyptus in some products they make. The company’s products have become extremely popular, and they are sold in a multitude of different countries. Eucatex also has excellent leadership. In fact, the president of Eucatex has exceptional ambition and talent.

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex. He has been a very talented businessman for his entire career. Most corporate executives hold that position at a singular company. However, Flavio Maluf is an exception to that rule. He is not the executive of one company. Instead, he’s the executive for two companies! He is also the president of GrandFoods. GrandFoods is a very well known throughout Brazil. They also are a highly successful corporation, and Flavio Maluf helps to keep it that way.

There are different reasons why Flavio Maluf has made such an excellent president of his family company Eucatex. However, he got a great education to go into the business world. He has educational experience from two different colleges. Both of the colleges he went to are held in extremely high regard. His undergraduate degree was from FAAP. FAAP is a Brazilian college located in the city of Sao Paulo Brazil. FAAP has been seen extremely positively by Brazilians for many years. However, he also went to another equally well respected college. He is an NYU graduate with a master’s degree. This has been a superior educational experience.  He’s also known for commenting on issues of the day as well.

Flavio has commented on Allergen buying Pfizer, and what that means for Brazil. Now that the economy is booming, and other companies are wanting to take advantage, all sorts of moves are happening.  Flavio has also talked about Dupont, and what Rubbermaid is currently doing in the markets.

Eucatex going to be a growing company in coming years. Flavio Maluf will continue to contribute to Eucatex’s success. Furthermore, economic conditions in Brazil are such that growth is likely.

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Find Friendship On Skout Today

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Every so often, Skout conducts surveys of their users to see where their users interests fall, and this latest survey makes it seem that users who are on Skout’s platform are most interested in making online friends. Some people use the service for dating and romantic relationships seeking, but this survey definitely provides some hard evidence that people are still interested in making online friends. The survey was published on PR Newswire’s website. It concluded that three out of four users on Skout already have at least one friend that they met online. This stat was about American users. 23,000 people throughout the world were surveyed for this study.

There was another interesting statistic from this survey that told a story of people wanting to meet their online friends in real life. The stat showed that 83 percent of people on Skout are interested in meeting a person they met online in real life. This could be you. You could create an account on Skout, and you could meet anyone that you want to find. There are plenty of people who are looking for friends on Skout. They indicate this by showing it in their profiles on Skout.

Certainly, people have been using online dating services for a long time, and some people have actually found real relationships on different services. Most of those sites are specifically for finding romantic partners to meet in real life. However, Skout is much different. People actually want to make friends on Skout, and some people use it for romance, of course. The site is free to sign up for, and there are no contracts in signing up for a profile. You will be guided through a quick, easy, pain free step by step process of setting up an account on Skout. The profile and profile picture are important, so try not to skip these steps. If you need more time to take a picture or make a profile, then you can always come back to it later.

Make your Skout profile stand out. It’s your personal statement to everyone who comes across your page, so say something that others will be drawn to. If you have time, start reading other peoples’ profiles to get an idea of what people post. You can always update it later. If you want to see the article from PR Newswire’s website, then go to this link.