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Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Google This

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Google is the amazing super power that has arisen from the dot-com age to bestow its vast knowledge upon all of us, say it with me, “Praise be Google,” or the most popular search engine available depending upon who you ask. However you view the Bringer of Knowledge, one thing is certain while having the vast store of humanity’s learned lessons and greatest achievements only a few clicks away there is a major evil that lurks within Google’s all-seeing algorithm, the “Do Not Google List.” Created for our own protection against all that you cannot unsee, the “Do Not Google List” is often our only hope against the things on the internet that are better left unknown. For you sake, don’t Google what you’re about to see.


Clock Spider


Definitely one of the things you should never google, though not as horrendous as a certain breakfast item tinted a shade of blue, the Clock Spider is certainly on the top of that list created to save us. One look at this and you may forever fear clocks of all types, no time telling device will ever be the same, smart watches will no longer be the hip device you use to brag how much more time you spend walking than your friends, instead they will become hiding places of horror.




This one covers a fear you didn’t know you even had, Google knew, but hiding in your subconscious was a fear so malicious it will forever burn with the intensity of millions of tiny holes.  More disturbing than a frat hazing ritual.


Business Leader/Investment Guru

Jeffry Schneider – The Succesful Entrepreneur

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Jeffery Schneider is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and prominent business man with multiple success in the financial service industry. Some of his major achievements include being the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital, a firm well-known for providing excellent services in education, sales, marketing and financial structuring.

Jeffry Schneider studied bachelor in science and graduated from the University of Massachusetts after which he returned to his hometown and began his career in the financial service industry. He was able to develop his skills in investment and alternative capital markets while working in renowned financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. The next big leap in his career was when he got to serve in a senior management position at Axiom Capital Management after which he got a similar position at Paradigm Global Advisors. This platform allowed him to gain ample experience in management.

Having acquired a lot of crucial skills in the finance field, he decided to found the firm Ascendant Capital. Under his leadership, the company has grown to be the leading boutique capital investment and financial service firm in Texas. The company of initially three employees has grown to employ more than thirty people and has helped different businesses earn an estimated one billion dollars; all this in just five years and contact him!

According to Schneider, his company’s culture is what has helped grow to be so successful. He encourages open dialogue and has developed a sense of trust with his customers as he is known to value investor’s interest. He supports charity organizations such as God Loves We Deliver, Wonder Worries, Cherokee Home for Children and The Gazelle Foundation. He has a love for travel and has toured many parts of the world including Asia and Europe.

Fashion Business/Entrepreneur

Don Ressler Plans To Change The Name Of JustFab

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One of the most famous retail companies is going to change its name. JustFab Inc. is the parent company of membership-based brands that include Fabletics, FabKids, JustFab, as well as ShoeDazzle. It has announced that it will be rebranding itself as TechStyle Fashion Group according to Zimbio.

In fact, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had co-founded JustFab with the aim of changing the way people shop. They wanted to deliver trendy fashion articles at an incredible value. They feel that they have managed to stick to that vision. They have also realized that the company has transformed and turned into a highly powerful platform that is building brands. This company is being driven by data as well as personalization.

Hence they are opting for a new corporate identity. This will help to captures the essence of JustFab. This is because they have combined technology with fashion at,%20Inc.. This will be a new phase, and they would like to name it as TechStyle.

They have a company that is only focused on keeping their customers happy. Hence they take customer feedback seriously and make changes accordingly. They have focused on customer service on They are also rolling out online cancellation processes. This way Don Ressler realized that customer complaints have also reduced.

He states that there are a lot of benefits in operating a company on a membership basis. These include moderating inventory, besides others.

Next, Fabletics has been rolling out brick and mortar retail stores. There are 17 stores already, across the US. Don Ressler aims for 50 to 100 more in various locations within the next five years.

All this indicates that Don Ressler knows his job. He knows that the company has to aim at the end user. No matter how much of glamor gets associated with any brand, it is the quality that matters eventually. Hence they are focused on providing high-quality merchandise at incredible prices.

In this case, they are turning towards the feedback from the customers too. They are being provided what they want at the prices they are looking for. All this has worked well for business. This is why Don Ressler considers his business as a brand-building platform. Already a lot of technology is being used to promote fashion. Don Ressler has all plans to continue with this legacy and provide success to his business and promote the happiness of his employees this way!

Business/Food Industry

OSI Group: A Global Food Provider Surpassing Industry Standards

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The OSI Group is premier global food provider that is a partner to many of the world’s top retail and food service brands. By providing food to order, OSI is able to tailor its offerings to each individual customer and always guarantees top-notch food that surpasses industry standards for health, safety, environment, and sustainability.

OSI’s amazing infrastructure and its financial capabilities enable it to provide a range of services and to produce and distribute, develop, and source custom food solutions around the globe.

Recently, OSI Group has purchased Baho foods, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. Baho has five companies under its belt, which are Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, and Gelderland Frischwaren and provides food solutions to people in 18 European countries. Baho Food’s managing director, John Balvers, and his team of managers are excited to be staying aboard to help grow the company. They feel that the excellent relationship that OSI Group has with its customers and its experience in the food industry will provide the exact sort of stimulus that will propel both companies forward in their joint venture, looking ahead.

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OSI Group has recently enhanced its food safety and quality by implementing Arrowsight, Inc.’s third party, 24/7/365 Remote Video Auditing (RVA) services in its food processing facilities across the United States of America. This will be taking OSI to the next level of food defense in its manufacturing plants, and the technology includes features that ensure that trailers are sealed, strict safety protocols are adhered to when food is handled, and more. This simply adds another layer of protection to OSI Group’s already strict safety and health standards. This company is truly a shining example to be modeled after in the food industry.

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A.D. Dolphin Shows Off And Tasty Recipes On The Steve Harvey Show

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A.D. Dolphin, the CEO of, made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show to discuss the raw food diet and cleansing. The episode aired on February 6th, 2017, but fans who missed the episode can check it out on the official Steve Harvey Show website.

A raw food diet plays a big part in the Full Body Cleanse from Dherbs Inc. A.D. Dolphin shares recipes that consist of essential ingredients such as seeds, raw nuts, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. A.D. shows viewers how to make tasty dishes such as zucchini noodles and raw walnut tacos. There is even a recipe to make a kale smoothie that is sweet, creamy and healthy. Viewers are encouraged to visit for more information on the diet and Full Body Cleanse.

Steve Harvey also shared the story of his own weight loss journey during this episode. It is not the first time he has completed this journey, but this time he had the help of his friend A.D. Dolphin. Harvey shows viewers how the Full Body Cleanse helped him to lose 12 pounds. is an herbal supplement company located in Los Angeles, and it was founded in 2004. The company is the home of the popular 20-Day Full Body Cleanse, which has helped people all over the world lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Their mission is to help people reclaim their health through proper dieting, herbal supplements and cleansing.

There are several types of herbal supplements and cleansing products on The herbal supplements include the Brain Booster, Digestion Aid and Vitamin C. The Full Body Cleanse and Full Body Cleanse Express can both be found in the online store, and the other cleansing products include the Heart Cleanse, Anti-Viral Cleanse and even a Childrens Cleanse.

Dherbs Inc. offers more than just an online store on their official website. Visitors can find recipes, food charts, articles, blog posts, product questions and customer journals right on

Viewers can learn more about the Full Body Cleanse and herbal supplements by checking out the Dherbs episode of the Steve Harvey Show.

Fashion Business

Fabletics New Move

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Fabletics is an online clothing retailer that was co-founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is part of the active-wear movement that is taking over the clothing retail market. The fact is that today’s woman prefers clothes that are trendy, stylish, and comfortable. Fabletics supplies high quality clothing that fits that model at a very affordable price. Membership at the Fabletics site is growing. Certainly, this is proof that their marketing strategy is working. However, Fabletics is making a new move to take on Amazon because they control a large portion of the fashion e-commerce market.


The Key To Success

Fabletics decided at the very beginning to offer their customers a very rewarding shopping experience on their website. They offer a membership to Fabletics that provides high quality clothing at an affordable price. In addition, the clothing choices are customized to match the customer’s lifestyle. Certainly, this extra attention to detail is perceived as a high value service to the customer and in the customer’s eyes too. Now, Fabletics is making a move to open more physical stores across the country. Fabletics has used the revers showroom marketing model to their advantage. In fact, Fabletics encourages reverse showrooming. They do not care if the customer buys from their online store or their physical store.


Fabletics Reviews

The reviews for Fabletics are positive. Women across the country are excited about the opportunity that is presented to purchase fitness apparel from Kate Hudson’s Fabletics store. The VIP membership provides a lot of perks for members. Every month, members receive a customized outfit to fit their personal taste and lifestyle. This service is quite close to having your own personal stylist that delivers very trendy clothing straight to your home each month. Getting started is easy. The site provides you with a survey. The survey provides information about your personal style and taste. Afterwards, members look forward to receiving high quality clothing that rivals expensive designer clothing.



Fabletics is an online subscription retail service that is gaining a lot of attention across the Internet. The online retailer provides a very affordable line of high quality athletic wear for women. The clothing in their line is designed to inspire women to stay active and keep fit. This is a personal philosophy of the co-founder, Kate Hudson and shared by many of her customers.


The Fabletics VIP membership is receiving very positive reviews from customers. The VIP members receive special savings and get the opportunity to shop for all the latest fashions in the comfort of their home. VIP members receive special perks that save them up to 50 percent off the clothing that they purchase at Fabletics. In addition, VIP members earn points that are applied to free loyalty items. Fabletics is becoming the best clothing deal online and the best clothing deal in town.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Human Rights/Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halvorssen Is Bringing Activists Together In A Big Way

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Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), is the mastermind behind the annual Oslo Freedom Forum. It is a gathering of activists and dissidents from around the world and has become so influential it has been described as “Davos For Dissidents.”

Every year the Freedom Forum is hosted at the Grand Hotel in Oslo and has featured PayPal founder Peter Theil and Google’s Sergey Brin. Thor Halvorssen describes the event as “rocket fuel” for human rights causes around the world.

But this is not a gala event for celebrities to take photo ops. There is serious work to be done. During the conference, dissidents are given support, both moral and financial, and activists get a chance to communicate with each other and coordinate their actions.

Halvorssen has dedicated his entire life to fighting for the rights of people living under oppressive regimes all around the world. He has poured his own money into funding the Freedom Forum and has made it one of the most prestigious human rights conferences in the world.

The son of Venezuelan activists, Halvorssen has seen first hand the damage that tyrants can impose on their people. His father was a political prisoner in the early 90’s after he exposed massive corruption in the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot during a protest against then-Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez.

Not content with simply signing an online petition or sharing a hashtag on social media, Thor Halvorssen has spent his life on the front lines, fighting for those who have no voice.

He founded the HRF in 2005 as a nonpartisan organization who’s sole purpose is to promote and protect human rights around the globe. The organization has united like-minded people from all over the world in an effort to oppose tyrants and dictators no matter where they are.

As the Oslo Freedom Forum gains in popularity and stature, the fight for freedom and human rights will be taken directly to those oppressive regimes in every corner of the world. And it is all thanks to Thor Halvorssen.

TItle Clearing Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing makes property reports available

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In response to the many different claims on title defects, the Nationwide Title Clearing has decided to make the property reports available. Title defects have become common which has affected the real estate market.



A title is a right that a person has to a piece of property. When someone defects, this means that they have laid a claim on a piece of property that someone else is already in possession of. There are other factors that may make a title invalid which include;



ü Failure of documents to comply with the standards



ü Failure to increase a signature of a principle



ü Failure to follow the filing procedures



The Nationwide Title Clearing CEO said that it is important for someone to be cautious of the above-listed reason before the property can be transferred.



The firm has opted for the option of making the property reports. This will help people in the smooth transition when it comes to property ownership. This will also reduce the risk of foreclosures and the land defects. The different reports that the firm have made available via the online ordering include;



v Tax status report



v Tax status plus report



v Current owner report



v Assignment verification report services



These reports are based on research that is conducted through the different land records. They do use multiple sources to collect the information that they need.



About NTC



This is a research-based service provider that was established in 1991 in Palm Harbor Florida. It is privately owned document processing firm. The mission of the company is to deliver accurate documents processing and quality research services. The aim of the company is to protect the homeowners by providing the necessary information. Their services have also assisted the mortgage banking department.



They offer their services to different people including; mortgage lenders and investors. They also work with ten different residential services in the country. This is a firm that operates five different building Campus. The company was first based in California and later relocated to Palm Harbor in 2002.



They have achieved great success, and they currently have 450 employees. They are also expanding their services to Dallas Texas. The firm attributes its success to their ability to understand their clients’ needs and also anticipate the end result. They also make sure that they customize the property reports according to what their clients need.





The Ability of the USHEALTH Group to Serve its Clients.

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The USHEALTH Group is one of the United States leading providers of health insurance solutions. The firm has been trusted for the products and services that it offers. It is made up of three main branches that facilitate service provision. They are Enterprise Life Insurance Company, National Foundation Life Insurance Company, and Freedom Life Insurance. The premises of the firm are presently based in Fort Worth, Texas. The USHEALTH Group has been working with its subsidiaries to ensure that offers a wide variety of covers for families, SME owners, life, particular sicknesses, and accident for the self-employed. The solutions of the firm have currently been used by more than 15 million people through its insurance subsidiaries. It has devoted itself to offering tailored solutions to its clients in the past five decades

The branches of the USHEALTH Group have been following two fundamental policies when providing services. It is well informed on the difference in the desires of the clients and also uses a comprehensive approach when providing its solutions. The company’s products are wide ranging, and it modifies them to make them pocket-friendly. The USHEALTH Group has developed its customer service to stand out in the sector. It has enabled the clients to choose the best products that can suit their needs. The firm’s claim processing program is fast and convenient. In 2013, it was on the Top 50 North American Call Center list of companies due to its exceptional customer service. The enterprise’s payment and compensation circle are well balanced, and this is always the dream of most of the insurance businesses in the United States. The equilibrium has enabled the company to operate smoothly, and therefore, gain an excellent reputation due to its customer service. The Better Business Bureau acknowledges it as an A business.

The firm currently distributes its products through the USHEALTH Advisors, which is its official agency. Health insurance has always been a complicated venture, but the organization has been working to ensure that the clients get an excellent buying experience. The USHEALTH Advisor uses exceptional methods in scrutinizing its representatives to make sure that they have enough skills to sell products and services on its behalf. The ability of the firm to address the needs of all its clients has enabled it to gain global recognition for supporting innovation and business development. This has enabled it to be trusted as a provider of health insurance solutions and also attract many clients.


Insurance Claim Drags On For Bruce Levenson’s Former Hawks Group

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The former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise have been forced to bring a legal case against the AIG insurance company the group claims has ignored all attempts to make contact over a workplace based insurance policy. Levenson and his fellow members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium have come together again to battle AIG over the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry; Levenson’s attorney’s stated talks began over a constructive dismissal claim as early as April 2015, but AIG has so far refused to discuss the insurance claim after it was finally made.

Bruce Levenson was one of the best known faces in the NBA during his time as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks franchise ( before the decision to sell the historic basketball team was made after a decade in charge. Levenson and his group believe former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract termination made midway through a six year contract should be paid by AIG to bring their ownership of the Hawks franchise to a close.

According to, over the course of his time in charge of the Hawks, Bruce Levenson became an active member of the league and the global basketball community; included in the work completed by Bruce Levenson were his roles with the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations. An increased level of success was achieved by the Hawks under the leadership of Bruce Levenson (view his personal website:, but for the business leader the philanthropic work completed by the franchise was equally as important as on the court success. Over the course of his ownership of the Hawks franchise Bruce Levenson took the team to visit charities such as the U.S. Holocaust Museum to raise awareness among the younger generation of NBA fans.