Margie Hauser Career

Music is an industry where the audience does not feel or see all the work that goes behind the scenes. Yet, Margie Hauser has managed to sustain a long career doing so. Taping into his love of music, Margie Hauser has built a sustainable career as a Singer, Songwriter, and Composer. In addition to writing songs, he spends half her time producing music. He has been recognized for her ability to assist the artist in bringing their musical vision to fruition while expertly guiding their sound along the way. Most recently, Margie Hauser has used his passion and experience to assist young artists in developing their musical talent.

In addition to being blessed with an incredible musical gift, Hauser also possesses the rare skill of knowing exactly where to place the perfect amount of emotion in her tracks so they connect deeply with listeners. She has developed a deep catalog of music that covers various styles, from techno dance hits to inspirational ballads.

Margie Hauser has written scripts for major sports organizations, including MLB. She has also produced songs for renowned artists such as David Aude, the lead singer of the rap group Cypress Hill. Recently she collaborated with Dave Aude to write “We Are the Reds,” an official theme song for MLB. Her work includes writing original songs for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. At the foundation’s annual gala, “Cure in the Canyons,” Hauser performed one of those tracks – “The Journey.”

Looking ahead, Margie Hauser’s greatest wish is to keep reaching out to audiences — both fellow performers and listeners — through performance and production. Margie Hauser has found a unique style that allows her to adapt easily to any situation. Her approach to songwriting and arranging takes advantage of the limitless possibilities in each project, whether creating original material or collaborating with others. Whether performing alone or alongside a band, Margie Hauser brings out the best in herself and those around her, allowing them to share exciting and memorable experiences.

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