Launch House Helping Everyone Attain Their Dreams

Launching a startup in the United States can be very difficult; however, with our mission at Launch House and our unique membership, it is even harder for entrepreneurs to succeed. With both physical and virtual resources provided by Launch House, the firm helps establish the best conditions for startup success through education, mentorship, and collaboration. Their network of highly successful entrepreneurs offers real-world advice on how to get your company off the ground from all sectors, from software to manufacturing. Startups that become our members gain exposure to the state and federal regulatory environment, a wide array of potential investors, current and future partners, trade media, and the ability to showcase their products.

House partners with government, industry, and academia to facilitate startup activity in the region. Our partnerships have led to millions of dollars invested in companies who have worked with or through Launch House. This investment equates to thousands of jobs created or retained as a direct result of our membership.

Launch House capital is committed to raising its members’ profiles through sponsorship opportunities with leading regional media outlets. This sponsorship benefits its members with increased exposure and visibility, additional resources like technical expertise, office space, or funding opportunities.

The community is surrounded by highly affluent entrepreneurs across all industries, including Peter Hollens, Serena Williams, Bored Elon Musk, and others not listed. Members can be categorized into two groups: startup founders and senior executives in public companies or early-stage investors. From its genesis in Jan 2022, the firm has backed numerous companies at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages, like Anja Health, Coinbooks and Ghost Financial. With a wide array of events held throughout the year, we can provide networking opportunities between various individuals within both groups. Since its establishment in 2022. the community has supported various startups and entrepreneurs, launching multiple companies and raising millions in funding through their network.

The corporation has a strong and growing community with members from all business sectors, including professionals in finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and others involved or interested in the startup community. If you want to learn more about Launch House, just click here.


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