Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is a businessman who has been deeply involved in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years.

This article will go through the life and work of a successful entrepreneur, detailing his successes, failures, and eventual pitfalls along the way. Please leave it to Kelcy Warren to show you what can happen when your luck runs out. Kelcy Warren is worth an inspirational story about how failure can be used as fuel for personal growth and one’s career.

Kelcy Warren grew up in the small town of San Angelo, Texas, in the West Texas oil patch. His family has been involved in the industry for generations, and he is no different. He started as an intern at his father’s company, Warren Oil Company, where he was allowed to help with drilling locations and performed whatever job was needed to prove himself worthy. This included everything from stringing wire for miles to driving through rough terrain searching for wells. He then worked his way up through the ranks until he eventually became CEO of Western Refining Corporation at age 34.

Western Refining Corporation had a consistently successful track record of finding new oil deposits. His success was attributed to locating oil in areas that were hard to reach: The Permian Basin, the Osage Oil Field, and North Dakota’s Bakken Formation. This can be attributed to Warren’s ability to read the market and his familiarity with the industry. The Permian Basin was so large it reminded him of an ocean.

With over 6,000 square miles of land in play, large pools of oil were available for exploration. However, this area is so vast that it would not be easy for one company to control all of it. To dominate this region, a sizable investment was required in workforce, equipment, time, and patience. After several years of drilling, Warren had produced over one million barrels of oil. Refer to this article for related information.

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