Jonas Lauren Norr achievements

Jonas Lauren Norr is the co-founding and Managing Partner of Crypto Lotus. He is an entrepreneur and angel investor with a decade of experience in technology, media, and financial investment.

He was formerly the CEO of PageFair, a global company that fights ad-blockers with innovative solutions for publishers; CEO of Fastclick, which developed a platform to seamlessly deliver internet advertising on desktop browsers; and COO of OMGPOP (acquired by Zynga), one of the world’s most popular online games. Before that, Lauren was a Partner at Auren Hoffman’s Light Speed Venture Partners, where he helped launch and mentor emerging companies in the technology sector.

Lauren holds a Bs in psychology from Yeshiva University based in New York, USA.

Jonas Lauren Norr is also the Co-founder of Crypto Lotus Inc.; a blockchain company focused on building products for the next generation of decentralized economy. He is also a Co-founder of Finland’s first blockchain incubator and the co-organizer of the Blockchain Europe Legal Summit, among other ventures.

He is a speaker, board member, and advisor to numerous technology startups in Europe and Asia. He is also the author of Why I Believe Bitcoin Will Change the World: A Call to Action, which builds upon his book “How To Make Money In Bitcoin,” which has been translated into 8 languages and featured on over 100 media platforms. He also writes articles regularly on Blockchain, ICO’s and distributed decentralized networks at

Lauren has spoken at over a hundred conferences and meet-ups worldwide, including keynotes at the European Parliament, Stanford University, EY Digital Entrepreneurship Forum, ICT Spring Festival (China), and the Inside Bitcoins Conference in New York City.

Jonas Lauren Norr is a board member of Crest Resources Inventure AB, a Swedish company in the Natural Resources sector. He is also a senior advisor for Spacefund firm and a special advisor at Peterson Partners, an investment firm in Sea Salt Lake, USA.

In 2015, Lauren became one of the first leaders in the Bitcoin industry to publicly accept bitcoin for his guidance in strategy, product development, and investment. He has spoken at Bitcoin conferences in over 15 countries and has been a keynote speaker at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in New York City.

As an entrepreneur, Lauren has also engaged in different philanthropic activities. He has been a member of the Founders for Good collective for many years and has been a mentor with Seedcamp, an academy that helps early-stage startups grow into globally successful companies.

Lauren has also been a major influencer in the European startup ecosystem, where he is the Ambassador for Startup Nations. This platform aims to stimulate the development of national entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe. In addition, he is also the head of Global Relations and Communications at Aalto’s, an international innovation network that bridges entrepreneurs and students from over 20 countries with leading companies, R&D labs, and universities.

Lauren has volunteered with Hacker School, a free education community for people to work on their projects. He has taught courses and organized workshops around the world.

Jonas Lauren has been recognized with numerous awards, including Ernst & Young’s European Entrepreneur of the Year, Finland’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and The Finnish Entrepreneurial Book Award.

He was recently included among the top 50 most influential people in blockchain by CoinTelegraph and The Blockchain Whistleblower by Forbes.