John Savignano Recap

John Savignano is a web developer and designer passionate about building functional, adaptable, and beautiful websites. John co-founded the interactive media design company Circle Home, which Adobe acquired.

  1. Education

John Savignano attended the University of Connecticut, where he received a BS in computer science and an MS in media arts and sciences. John went on to work as a software engineer at Adobe Systems. While at Adobe, John helped lead a global team responsible for all multimedia and web technologies. He was part of a team that shipped Flash Player v10, Flex framework, and Flash Media Server.

  1. Career

John Savignano formed the interactive media design company Circle Home with his wife Delia and his friend Alex Edelstein (UConn Alumni) in 2004 while they were still students at the University of Connecticut. He values-the-human-element-in-accounting-success.

John Savignano and Alex Edelstein went on to build Circle Home, a boutique software development company known for custom solutions and creative design. Circle Home allowed clients to work with an experienced team who knew how to build great interactive media design solutions in the modern marketplace. Adobe acquired Circle Home in 2008.

The human element in accounting success has been a business mantra for John Savignano. He believes it’s essential to create great content and work with talented people in a way that fosters an environment of mutual respect and equality.

John was one of the primary architects at Circle Home on the Flash Media Server and Flex framework projects. Flash Media Server was built to be a scalable infrastructure for delivering Flash-based content worldwide. Within the first year of its launch in 2006, Flash Media Server was being used by websites to provide over 40% of all premium video content on the Internet. Flex is a framework that allows developers to build rich interactive applications using a simplified programming model. This approach was a game changer for Adobe, and it continues to be one of their top-selling products.

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