Investment Star, Philip Belamant

Philip Belamant, a graduate of information technology, has dedicated his career to creating technologies that advance society and give users more financial power. With a focus on the PBel brand, he has created and distributed mobile payment service solutions across over 25 nations.

He has gained prominence in the UK and American financial innovation industries thanks to his work at Zilch and in the fintech space in general. He created PBel, which became Namibia’s and South Africa’s top airtime provider in 2006. He established PBel in an effort to provide banking services to the unbanked by creating a revolutionary mobile payment technology.

In South Africa, Philip Belamant assisted the government and the central bank by creating new laws and technologies. He advised the government on how these new ideas would benefit consumers to that they should support the transition. To overcome the challenges encountered, he fashioned new methods to comprehend customers digitally, making it simpler for individuals who did not have utility bills to obtain residency proof by providing them with virtual cards. He was also the mastermind behind gifting airtime to consumers due to a South African regulation.

Philip Belamant later moved to London and co-founded Zilch. Zilch has made it simple for consumers in the UK to make four payments with 0% APR for more than six weeks or earn 5% cash back on a single purchase by splitting their assets into four installments. It has provided financial support to more than two million people by collaborating with them directly rather than with dealers. Zilch is among the original payment networks to obtain an FCA Consumer Credit License. Closely collaborating with FCA on consumer protection regulations, it has assisted many United Kingdom citizens.

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