How Chichi Eburu Began one of the Biggest Makeup Brands in the US

In the United States, Juvia’s Place is one of the notable makeup brands. Juvia’s Place was founded because of inspiration and necessity, unlike other brands created for profit. Chichi Eburu, the company president, has always loved makeup. Several years ago, however, Chichi Eburu couldn’t access the best makeup products for her deep African skin tone. Chichi Eburu could only find muted colors when shopping for her makeup products.

Most of the available beauty products in the American market did not bring out or even enhance the beauty in Eburu’s skin tone. The Juvia’s Place founder searched for a long time without identifying the right cosmetic company that could offer reliable products. What most companies were bringing to the market was making Chichi Eburu lighter. The businesswoman went on to try the products from drugstores and prestigious brands without getting any incredible results. Eburu wondered why the beauty industry, despite its diverse customer base, couldn’t produce the right products for black skin.

When living in Nigeria years ago, Chichi wondered why black women were not featured in prominent magazines. This discovery made the businesswoman focus more on finding the right makeup products for the black community. In the process of developing these products, however, the executive encountered a new problem;

There was no support given to black-owned establishments in America, especially those under women leaders. Fortunately, Chichi’s family and the local community offered Juvia’s Place the support required to thrive. Other black businesses in the United States are not this lucky. These facilities collapse after they discover they do not have the money and resources to keep running in the competitive market. Chichi and his fast-growing brand have set aside some money to start offering grants to black businesses in the American community. Juvia’s Place website has asked people to apply for business grants.

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