How Alejandro Betancourt Steered Hawkers Co. to Glory

Alejandro Betancourt is the current President and Chairman of Hawkers Co. He joined the Spanish sunglasses company when it was on the verge of collapse in 2016.

Hawkers was initially thriving thanks to soaring online sales of sunglasses. As the sales skyrocketed, however, the company’s expenditure also rose consistently, ultimately landing the firm in deep financial woes.

Alejandro Betancourt came in as an angel investor and didn’t hesitate to take on this financial challenge. To harness all the untapped potential at the firm, Betancourt knew that he needed more funds. The investor reached an agreement with O’Hara Administration investors that saw the company receive a capital injection of about $56 million. This was a major boost to the sunglasses firm that altogether bolstered its capacity to meet its market obligations.

Having pioneered this successful capital infusion negotiation, Alejandro Betancourt took over the reins of the newly resuscitated company. His first order of business was to restructure the company’s topmost leadership along with the major operational strategies. Betancourt also influenced the company’s online marketing strategies and increased its use of social media, affiliate marketing partnerships, and influencer marketing.

Today, Hawkers Co. has become a one-stop shop for many celebrities preferring its specific brands. Owing to Betancourt’s exemplary leadership, the firm has morphed into a multi-million online selling store.

After upping his stake in the company in 2018, Alejandro Betancourt rose to his current position as president. Raising his investment by 20 million Euros saw him attain a controlling shareholding stake in the firm.

As a Venezuelan native, Betancourt has achieved a lot for himself. He is a successful business administration and economics graduate from Suffolk University, Boston.

The Venezuelan investor is also the founder of Auro Travel and a major shareholder in several other firms including EPG, Pacific Exploration and Production, and O’Hara Financial.