Heath Ritenour Journey to Becoming CEO Of One of The Largest Insurance Company In US, The IOA

Heath Ritenour is an American professional leader under the CEO position at the Insurance Office of America (IOA). The IOA was established by Heath’s father more than three decades ago and has since grown steadily for the last couple of years. Currently, IOA is the 25th largest insurance company in the United States, with over 60 operating offices and more than 1300 staff members. IOA was initially owned and operated by John Ritenour, Heath’s father, but after a while, he saw it fit and natural for Heath Ritenour to take over.

However, this was not the case since Mr. Heath had no experience or interest in running a big organization. After several years of persuasion, Heath accepted the offer but first requested to gain extensive knowledge in the industry itself. After completing his college degree, Heath Ritenour joined IOA as an intern to gain experience and knowledge on Insurance. While interning at IOA, Mr. Heath noticed that agents were in it for the money and others who were in it to help and make a difference in people’s lives.

Heath Ritenour wanted to become the latter. Working as an agent, Mr. Heath faced many challenges in making sales and looking for clients. He could make more than 100 calls a day and receive more than 50+ rejection calls. According to an interview, Mr. Heath stated that it was not an easy task being an agent nor running an insurance company as CEO. However, Mr. Heath was willing to follow in his father’s footsteps by building a strong work ethic. When Heath’s father stepped down, Mr. Heath finally took the CEO position at IOA.

The IOA company was a 70 million dollars privately-owned insurance company back then with 500 staff members. Still, when Heath Ritenour took over in 2008, IOA generated an estimated revenue worth six million dollars, a huge improvement, and growth from when it was established.

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