Health Carousel Insider

As the population ages and healthcare costs increase, the demand for healthcare is rising. The hospital industry’s inability to recruit and retain nurses due to stagnant wages and burnout is a growing crisis. Health Carousel seeks to address such issues faced by patients, healthcare providers, and nurses alike.


(1.) “Patients often lack confidence that they will be able to find a provider when they need one”

(2. ) “Nurses are expected to work around the clock”

(3.) “Healthcare providers often struggle to fill their schedules because of the lack of available staff and have difficulty recruiting new practitioners.”


Health Carousel addresses these issues by matching patients with qualified caregivers and streamlining communication between them. It is a mobile app that matches patients in need of care with local healthcare professionals. It allows users to find health professionals, make appointments, pay for services, and rate providers. The platform also helps professionals increase visibility, manage their clientele, and work according to their own schedules. Furthermore, patients can access a person-centered approach in healthcare via Health Carousel.


The Carousel is app available on the App Store and Google Play that connects patients with a wide range of in-home care providers. It enables them to quickly and easily set up appointments, keep track of scheduled visits, pay bills, and rate providers.


The Carousel team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds such as software development, public health, business, and design. They are supported by many advisors who are considered experts in their respective fields such as healthcare financing, technology, and healthcare management.


Health Carousel was established in 2016, and it raised its seed funding of $1 million in 2017. It is based in San Francisco, California.