Hassan Jameel on Digitization Strategies in Transforming Start-Up

Abdul Latif Jamel is an international entrepreneur based in Saudi Arabia. He has 75 years in business and has significantly impacted more than 30 countries worldwide. He is the Vice Chairman of ALJ and has been able to transform the business with technology to expand the customer base and create new business opportunities for growth.

By digitizing the business and investing in social media, he has been able to create more brand awareness which creates excellent opportunities for B2B, B2C, and B2G. His family has run a successful business based on the loyalty of their customers. He wants to continue to deliver on these same principles by building relationships with his customers while building his international presence.

Some years back, Abdul Latif Jamel (ALJ), a family-owned business, decided to convert its traditional business to digitization. . The company’s unique value proposition (UVP) is the customer service which comprises 24/7 Customer Support and Credit Services, which are very important for the customer satisfaction.

Hassan Jameel is focused on key data points to develop company growth strategies. While technology can never replace human intervention, it can ensure that no business process or transaction is left unchecked, giving ALJ a leg up on its competitors and customers. Some of the data points used by Hassan Jameel include the following:

Jameel’s career success has been attributed to significant people in Saudi Arabia, including the Minister of Defense HRH and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, who has spearheaded the country’s drive to modernize under the Vision 2030 plan.

The digitization of business at ALJ is a part of this vision. This transformation has drastically improved its use of corporate resources, saved time, and increased efficiency and profitability. The company plans to continue its development strategy with digitization and innovation as the main drivers of its growth.

Jameel has been involved in a car shop and influenced customers on how they want to buy. As part of its strategy to win in the digital era, ALJ is refining its digital platform to serve customers who look online for information and want bespoke services. Get more information here